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Covenant Christian Coalition

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Classification  Protestantism
Origin  2015
Region  Worldwide
Covenant Christian Coalition
Theology  Evangelicalism, Trinitarianism, Five Solae
Associations  229 denominations (mainly Protestant)
Headquarters  New York City, New York

The Covenant Christian Coalition (CCC) is a global organization of Evangelical Christian churches founded in 2015 in Dallas, United States, with headquarters in southern Manhattan. The organization represents 1,162,071 local churches at last count, from around 229 denominations. It is the world's largest ecumenical Evangelical organization and representation of Protestants by both total membership and number of congregations. The CCC assists unaffiliated Christians looking for a home church find conservative Evangelical congregations near where they live. It also represents and advocates on behalf of Evangelical Christians locally, nationally, and internationally.



The Covenant Christian Coalition was founded in Dallas, Texas, in 2015 as a response to what was perceived as biblical, moral, and theological compromise on the part of other ecumenical organizations such as the World Council of Churches. The organization's mission is "Promoting unity in the Invisible Church while delivering the only message with the power to save people." The CCC heavily emphasizes the five solae in doctrine, as well as the Invisible Church and Conservative Christianity.


The CCC is composed of at least 229 denominations among which are well over one million individual congregations. At last count there were about 710 million individuals represented, which if the organization was a denomination would make it second only to the Roman Catholic Church in total membership.


The Covenant Christian Coalition represents Evangelical Christians broadly and those Protestant denominations and churches aligned with Evangelicalism. While Protestant churches are the only affiliated congregations at present, there is nothing that inherently restricts even individual Roman Catholic, Coptic, or Eastern Orthodox churches from joining so long as they agree to the organization's seven points of doctrine and the CCC's Covenant.


The Covenant, the CCC's official statement of belief, is defined as "a modern Statement of Faith or Creed that was drafted with utmost concern for faithfulness to God's Word, yet in broad enough language that churches and believers from a variety of denominations can agree to its tenets." Membership requires agreeing with its tenets either de facto or de jure. Congregational leaders that sign the Covenant formally are encouraged to use it in place of, or supplementary to, their own statement of faith.


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