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Monte carlo deleted scene cordelia confronts alicia

Cordelia is a feminine given name. It was borne by the tragic heroine of Shakespeare's King Lear (1606), a character based on the legendary queen Cordelia. The name is of uncertain origin. It is popularly associated with Latin cor (genitive cordis) "heart", and has also been linked with the Welsh name Creiddylad, allegedly meaning "jewel of the sea", but it may derive from the French coeur de lion "heart of a lion".


The tragically hip cordelia


  • Cordelia Botkin, American murderer
  • Cordelia of Britain, legendary queen of the Britons, youngest daughter of King Leir
  • Cordelia Bugeja, British actress
  • Cordelia de Castellane, French designer
  • Cordelia Fine, British academic psychologist and writer
  • Cordelia Agnes Greene, 19th-century physician, philanthropist and suffragist from Upstate New York
  • Cordelia Harvey, First Lady of Wisconsin Governor Louis Harvey, known for founding Civil War Orphans homes and advocating for war field hospital conditions
  • Cordelia Hawkins, eponym of the U.S. town of Cordele, Georgia
  • Cordelia Knott, wife of Walter Knott and founder of Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant at Knott's Berry Farm
  • Cordelia Scaife May, philanthropist
  • Cordelia Mendoza, American antiquarian
  • Cordelia Strube, Canadian playwright and novelist
  • Cordelia Wilson, painter of New Mexico and American Southwest landscapes
  • In fiction

  • Cordelia (King Lear), a central character in William Shakespeare's tragic play King Lear, based on the story of King Leir
  • An anglicization of Creiddylad, the name of a character in Welsh mythology
  • Cordelia Abbott, in the television soap opera The Young and The Restless
  • Cordelia Blake, titular character of the Winston Graham novel Cordelia (published in 1949)
  • Cordelia Chase, character in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
  • Cordelia Flakk, character in Jasper Fforde's Lost in a Good Book
  • Lady Cordelia Flyte, in Brideshead Revisited (1945) by Evelyn Waugh
  • Cordelia Gray, in two books by P.D. James
  • Cordelia Naismith, in the Vorkosigan Saga novels by Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Cordelia Ransom, in the Honorverse novels by David Weber
  • Dutch adult comic strip by Belgian cartoonist "ILAH" Inge Heremans
  • The main character of the short story "Cordelia the Crude" by Wallace Thurman
  • Cordelia Frost, character in MARVEL's "Emma Frost" comics, Emma's sister.
  • Cordelia is a 1980 Québec movie starring Louise Portal about real life Cordelia Corriveau, who was hanged in 1763 in Saint-Vallier, Québec, after being condemned for murdering her husband. She was after her death exposed in an iron cage at a crossroad.
  • Cordelia Winthrop Scott, 2011 Film Monte Carlo played by Selena Gomez
  • Cordelia Foxx, character in American Horror Story: Coven
  • Cordelia, character in James Lapine and William Finn's 1990 off-Broadway musical Falsettoland and later its two Broadway revivals, renamed Falsettos.
  • Music

  • "Cordelia", track written by Gordon Downie of The Tragically Hip; album: Road Apples (1991)
  • Name of an album by solo Post-Metal artist Ethan Kotel
  • Anime

  • Cordelia Capulet, Japanese anime character in "Romeo x Juliet"
  • Cordelia Gallo, Japanese anime character in "Gosick"
  • Cordelia Glauca, Japanese anime character in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
  • Cordelia, Japanese anime character in Diabolik Lovers.
  • Cordelia Gallant-Jamaican baby who started talking at 3mnths old but didn't grow teeth until 15mnths old.
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