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Cordel Encantado

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Directed by
Amora Mautner

Original language(s)

Final episode date
23 September 2011



Country of origin

First episode date
11 April 2011

Rede Globo

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Created by
Duca Rachid Thelma Guedes

Cauã Reymond Bianca Bin Bruno Gagliasso Nathália Dill Jayme Matarazzo Carmo Dalla Vecchia Débora Bloch Luiz Fernando Guimarães Osmar Prado Zezé Polessa Marcos Caruso Luiza Valdetaro Heloísa Perissé see more

Opening theme
Minha Princesa Cordel by Gilberto Gil and Roberta Sá

Cauã Reymond, Isabelle Drummond

Program creators
Thelma Guedes, Duca Rachid

Joia Rara, Morde & Assopra, A Vida da Gente, Insensato Coração, Fina Estampa

Cordel Encantado (English: The Enchanted Tale) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo from April 11 to September 23, 2011.


Cordel Encantado Cordel Encantado Brasil Telenovelas


The story begins with a prophecy. In Brogodó, a small town in northeastern hinterland, the preacher Miguezim (Matheus Nachtergaele), holy to a beggar and crazy to others, has a dream. In it, a fireball appears in the sky on a dark night and falls in the woods of the hinterland. The fire spread and devastating. In the morning, among the ashes, rain brings forth a small and delicate red flower: a lily, or lily. Miguezim believe that the dream is a warning. According to him, is to arise a king in the hinterland, which will transform sorrow into joy; hunger in abundance. Who also has this dream is the monarch Augusto (Carmo Dalla Vecchia). The difference is that it is on the other side of the Atlantic, in old Europe, more precisely in the North serafia kingdom. Upon waking distress, he seeks the counsel Amadeus (Zé Celso Martinez) to help you decipher the meaning of the dream. The wise old man tells him that the images represent a long journey that will Augusto south hemisphere. He says that on this trip, there will be a conflict that will leave there a precious commodity, but, because of this, this place so far can finally know happiness and justice.

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It is in North serafia born the protagonist of this story: Princess Aurora Catherine Avila serafia (Bianca Bin), daughter of Augustus and Queen Christina (Alinne Moraes). And this birth wins miracle of air, it can bring the solution to conflicts between neighboring kingdoms and enemies. The split between North and South serafia, at war for years, occurred after a popular revolution, and since then, the two kingdoms live conflicts that seem to have no end. The agreement to end the fighting is sealed on his deathbed the king Theobald (Thiago Lacerda), Monarch South serafia. Seeing the badly injured husband, after another terrible battle, Queen Helena (Mariana Lima) goes to the castle enemy curse the whole family of King Augustus. Does that pregnant Ignatius (Mauritius Destri) and accompanied by his eldest son, Philip (Jayme Matarazzo). The monarch is moved by the pain of Helena, and Cristina's suggestion, proposes a deal to Theobald, mortally wounded: their firstborn Aurora and Philip should marry when they reach age, unifying and bringing peace to the two states. Theobald accept the agreement and dies soon after. The two children are presented publicly as the future kings of serafia. Following the dream interpretation made by Amadeus, a long journey starts to be planned. Zenóbio Alfredo (Guilherme Fontes), Botanical North serafia, who was in Brazil involved in scientific research, the king brings news of a treasure hidden in tropical lands by the founder of the kingdom, Archbishop Seraphim. The botanical suggests that the king to finance an expedition to Brogodó, and Augusto, lover of science and adventure, not only agrees with the idea as is keen to lead the enterprise. The king had not only his wife, Queen Christina, solve accompany him, carrying the little Aurora.

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Augustus and his queen live a harmonious and happy life, not realizing that they are surrounded by two villains: Ursula (Débora Bloch), the king's sister, and Nicholas (Luiz Fernando Guimarães), the bumbling butler court. A beautiful, elegant and sophisticated duchess is the most dangerous person and false of the whole kingdom. Helped by Nicholas, her lover, Ursula want to become queen. And the trip to Brogodó is a chance that the Duchess always wanted to get rid of Cristina and Princess.

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Ursula was always desired by all people of serafia and even had a brief romance with Augusto, but replaced by the plebeian Cristina, eventually marrying Petrus (Felipe Camargo), younger brother of the king, who had Lady Charlotte (Luana Martau). One day, Petrus catches a conversation Ursula and Nicholas, she confesses his plans to take of his way the queen and the princess. Before he tell all that discovered the king, Ursula and Nicholas the holding in a dungeon, hiding his face behind an iron mask. The plan is executed successfully, and she lies to everyone, announcing the death of her husband. After the "widow", Ursula believed to be easier to end the Queen Cristina and Princess Aurora.

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The duo's power seat villains is growing: in Brazil, where he changes to European court, the couple continues to plan and execute plans to get what you want. Throughout the novel, reveals that Lady Cecilia (Sofia Earth), that Ursula created as niece, the daughter of the villain with Baldini general (Emilio de Mello), Military North serafia Army.

In Brogodó, where the powerful North serafia kingdom are directed, one bandit gives up his wife and his son to follow in banditry in the knowledge that their families will be safe. In the dead of night, Captain Herculaneum (Montagner Domingos), the most feared of outlaws, takes his wife, Benvinda (Claudia Ohana), and Jesuíno, two years, to the house of Colonel Gennaro (Reginaldo Faria), owner of the largest farm in the region. In return, the bandit offers to Colonel protection from their enemies. Before leaving, the bandit promises to seek Jesuíno when it is adult. Outraged, Benvinda swears never allow his son join the bandits to live amid the violence, pain and suffering. But for Herculaneum, the fate of small Jesuíno is sealed: he is cangaço king's son, father heir. This is the boy's fate, and nothing can change it. Welcome regret having joined the Herculaneum in search of a life of adventure, just because amendrontada.

While King Augustus leads the expedition cut Brogodó, Nicholas discovers that Herculano want to steal the entourage. Butler suggests Ursula it would be the perfect occasion to put into practice his plan to get rid of Queen Christina and young Aurora. Once the treasure is located, Herculaneum attacks the entourage of serafia. Nicholas takes advantage of the confusion and steals the cart with the treasure, kidnapping the queen and the princess, accusing the bandits of the crime. On the trail, however, the break wagon wheel and Cristina sees an opportunity to flee. The queen can run into the Euzébio farmers (Enrique Diaz) and Learned (Ana Cecilia Costa) and begs them to stay with her daughter, preventing the child is the victim of Ursula.

Nicholas can recapture Cristina, but soon realizes that the baby is not with her. The two fight in a moving cart, which ends up falling off a cliff. Nicholas saved, but Cristina, no. The vehicle flies through the air, carrying the Queen serafia and treasure.

When the fight ends of King Augustus and his men against the bandits, Herculaneum returns alone to his hiding place and, by the way, is faced with the wreckage of the cart at the bottom of a cliff. He finds Cristina, who, near death, makes his last request: that Herculano tell the king the truth Augusto about Aurora.

After the battle, King Augustus demand his wife and daughter, but did not find them. Zenobius, in turn, realize the disappearance of the treasure. Nicholas then reappears and tells his version of what happened: says he saw bandits running away with the Queen, Princess and the treasure in a cart. As for the Duchess, the butler swears he managed to get rid of the queen and the princess. The king still combing the area in search of the wife and daughter in vain. Convinced that the two are dead, Augusto travels back to his kingdom - just as his dream foretold - leaving in Brazil your most treasured possession: her daughter, the princess Aurora.

After many searches, the king accepted her daughter's death, not realizing that she is alive and safe on the other side of the Atlantic, being created with love. Aurora was named the new parents with the name of Azucena, the most beautiful flower of the hinterland. Farmers working in the farm Gennaro colonel and have the friendship of Angelica (Beth Berardo), the kindly farmer's wife, the girl's creation. Angelica takes place helping in the development of her goddaughter, as always dreamed of having a girl. Angelica, mother of Timothy (Bruno Gagliasso), can become pregnant again but can not resist the birth and die without knowing his long-awaited daughter Antonia (Luiza Valdetaro).

The beautiful Azucena grows happy, educated in the school of the village and lives surrounded by friends - including Jesuíno. Coincidentally, both unaware of his true origins: Jesuíno not know who is the son of the bandit, and Azucena, who is the daughter of a monarch of European royalty. The two have many similarities and are inseparable companions. Jesuíno also protects the girl against the wickedness of Timothy, the troubled son of Colonel. Years pass, and the strong friendship will love turning.

Over time, Azucena turns into a beautiful girl, and Jesuíno in a beautiful boy, strong, generous and playful, the right-hand of Colonel Gennaro. But things get complicated for the couple when the boy's godfather dies, and Timothy, just arrived from Rio de Janeiro, takes the place of the father on the farm. Colonel prestige of the heir, "playboyzinho" gets drunk with power and begins to mistreat the poor hinterland of Brogodó. Jesuíno, who runs the farm, tries to help employees as may, before the worsening of working conditions imposed by Timothy. In fact, the two do not match the request of Gennaro, made before he died. On the verge of death, the colonel called son and godson for a chat. In a climate of farewell, says he always liked the boys also, words that sensitize Jesuíno and cause jealousy in Timothy. Very weak, Colonel pleads that both try to live together in peace, despite loving the same woman.

Even with all the problems, Jesuíno is very happy to get enough money to realize his biggest dream: to marry the beloved Azucena. What he does not know is that your marriage is in danger. Timothy does not conform to lose her to Jesuíno and tries to stop the wedding.

After 20 years, the bandit Herculaneum decides to keep the promise he made to Queen Christina: tell the king that his daughter is alive. Knowing that Zenobius, the only European citizen in the region, it has direct contact with the monarch, has everything you know for botanist, who then decide to go to serafia to personally break the news to the king.

King Augustus can barely contain the anxiety to reach Brazilian land and find his daughter Aurora, this time accompanied by the Queen Mother Efigênia (Berta Loran). Prepared to make friends with the natives, it takes mirrors, beads and other trinkets. Who does not demonstrate the same happiness is Ursula. The Duchess guilt by Nicholas back to the Brazilian backlands and the wedding interrupt Carlota with Felipe, since the bride promised the boy, Princess Aurora, is alive. The princes and Philip and Ignatius brothers are also in bags ready and anxious to start the search. Upon arriving in Brazil, they are installed in the palace of Brogodó Prefecture.

To find the daughter of the king - having heard a conversation between Augustus and his adoptive parents - Azucena is confused and does not admit having to leave Jesuíno and their foster parents to become a noble. Once you receive the news that Azucena is actually the princess Aurora, Mayor Patácio (Mark Caruso) and his wife Ternurinha (Zeze Polessa) deal to disclose this fact. They invite all the press to check closely who is this noble girl who was raised by a single family farmers. In fact, the mayor and the first lady want to approach the royal family and take advantage of the situation. But the young man, not used to being the center of attention, escape the flashes and shames the king. Jesuíno does not like the new life of his bride, especially the approach of Prince Felipe. Azucena, however, does not give the boy's courtship and insists his engagement to Jesuíno.

To meet Timothy, Jesuíno gathers his faithful friends Galician (Renan Ribeiro), Quiquiqui (Marcello Novaes) and Setembrino (Glicério Rosario) to act against the excesses of the villain. The benefactors wear scarves covering their faces and on horseback, try to do it justice. They, for example, steal food from the farm stock and distribute it to the settlers.

The Queen Helena arrives by surprise Brogodó and tells everyone that serafia suffers from intense popular revolt that eventually causing the death of Amadeus (Zé Celso Martinez Correa). The European people require compliance with the peace agreement between the royal families of serafia North and South. Augusto account the queen that Aurora has been found, but does not want to take the actual post and marry Philip. Ursula suggests they resume the idea of joining Philip and Charlotte, but Augusto do not like the suggestion and ensures that, with a little more time, be able to convince her daughter to change his mind.

Jesuíno is determined to marry Azucena, but, knowing the son of Herculaneum, worries that his desire is not carried out. The bandit for not pressing the child to him to follow her fate. The girl asks the groom why so much grief, and he lies. He says he fears she leaves a princess throne in the name of love of two. However, pressure from the beloved, it turns out the real reason for such concern. To his relief, Azucena says he does not care about its origins.

On the day of Azucena and Jesuíno wedding, when the bride and groom are ready for the ceremony, King Augustus challenges the boyfriend of his daughter. Monarch offers you a duel: if Jesuíno win, he can marry Azucena, but if you miss, the girl marries Felipe. The boy accepted the proposal. Azucena enters the church, faced with the struggle about to begin and pleads that the two give up the idea.

And behold Timothy appears in the confusion. He announces to all guests that Cicero (Miguel Romulus), the bride's brother is dead and that the account responsible for this is the Herculaneum captain. The coronelzinho takes the opportunity to reveal to the entire city of Brogodó that Jesuíno is the son of the most feared bandit of the region. Jesuíno if constrains and face the reproachful eyes of those present. Eusebius and Virtuous mourn the death of his son and son in law blame the misfortune that has just befall their lives. But, to everyone's relief, Cicero was alive but badly hurt.

Azucena decides to take the post of serafia kingdom princess. The decision, which contradicts his feelings, was soon taken after the young see Jesuíno and Doralice (Nathalia Dill) kissing. She is the daughter of Patácio mayor and first lady Ternurinha and Sister Faust (Renato Garcia). Back to Brogodó after years studying outside, and his father already gives you the responsibility to follow the Prince Felipe (Jayme Matarazzo) during his stay in the city. But nothing more attention you demand of your love, unrequited, for Jesuíno.

Augusto is overjoyed with the decision of the daughter and plans a ball to introduce her to society. To become a princess, the girl gets etiquette lessons, learning to behave at the table, the dress and the waltz. Aurora / Azucena shown a great student and demonstrates its vocation for royalty. She and Jesuíno almost reaproximam, but follow different paths. Jesuíno saves Azucena a kidnapping attempt, masterminded by Timothy, and takes her to his home in Vila da Cruz. Happy for the reunion, Azucena proposes that the two flee to live together. Jesuíno, however, discourages it. He reminds him that now he is a fugitive from the police and it is not certain that she give up her princess life in the name of a deprivation of life with you. Azucena despairs with the negative, and the two, in an atmosphere of farewell kiss as if it were the last time.

But Timothy does not give up the beloved and joins Ursula in an attempt to capture the princess. In fact, the Duchess really needed an ally to help her get rid of the charges begin to fall on her. Ursula assumes that put the iron mask in Petrus and was responsible for the death of Queen Christina and the disappearance of the then little Aurora. Augusto is dismayed to hear the statements, but can not imagine that confession is part of a Machiavellian plan coined. As she makes the revelations, Timothy and his henchmen surround the palace. The farmer takes the opportunity to capture Azucena.

Rendered crazy and the power of charms, Timothy announces to the city that the cardinal of serafia will make him king and bless his engagement to the princess. What he does not realize is that it's all just another Duchess plane. The Cardinal is actually a buffoon actor pretending to be the real Oberon Cardinal of Ravenna, the only one with political power to formalize the reign of "coronelzinho". It was all facade. But Timothy acts as if it were sovereign and transforms Augusto and his brother Petrus in his slaves.

Despite such confusion and disputes, Miguezim sees a better future for Brogodó, under the care of another king. Only much later, his views begin to make sense. After confirming with Efigênia the actual descent Jesuíno - the boy is related to Seraphim of Avila, founder of serafia - the prophet and the queen try to tell him the news. Efigência account Jesuíno the history of the former governor of a hereditary captaincy who married and had a son in Brazil. During an attack of the French, however, family members were separated and, despite the efforts Serafim, his wife and son were not found. It was then that he returned to Europe and founded serafia. Cautious, D'Avila left a treasure buried in Brogodó, along with a document stating that the fortune should be given to your child or their descendants, in this case, Jesuíno.

Augusto admits that the right to the throne is Jesuíno, descendant of Serafim of Avila, founder of serafia. And offers you the crown, Augusto Bless Jesuíno marriage with Aurora / Azucena. But the young man does not aspire to royalty. He just wants to stay in Brogodó with Azucena, raising children who want to have. Azucena supports the beloved and states that do not care about the choice of Jesuíno, nor will stay in the kingdom or in the backcountry. She just want to stand beside him.

But the couple's love was still disturbed by the wickedness of Timothy, who ends up holding Jesuíno. Afraid that the plans of Herculaneum to release Jesuíno fail, Azucena goes to farm the villain and offers him a deal. The princess agrees to marry Timothy, in the beloved freedom of exchange. The farmer accepts the proposal. And as anyone who carries a trophy, takes Azucena to the barn in that secures rival. With tied hands and almost no strength, Jesuíno is surprised to see her. Timothy says Azucena searched for the free will and that they will get married. Princess confirms the version of colonel, and the son of the bandit begs her give up that crazy. But there was no turning back. To make matters worse, Timothy decides to hang Jesuíno soon after the wedding ceremony. Everything seems to happen as expected. Azucena suffers find that the beloved died without knowing that, thanks to a plan of his friends, he is alive. Not Jesuíno imagined that would come out of that situation alive. But his friends outlaws, led by Herculano, and with the participation of Benvinda, Petrus and the true king, Augustus the saved. For more great relief Jesuíno, the priest who made the wedding ceremony between Timothy and Azucena was an actor, Silverio Duarte (Mauricio Machado).

After watching, disconsolate, the supposed death of Jesuíno, Azucena decides to take a potion that is offered by Ursula. Although not trust the intentions of the Duchess, Princess prefer the risk of drinking poison to surrender to Timothy on their wedding night. Ursula you warrant that you are a very powerful sleep aid that will make it look like she's dead. Moreover, according to the duchess, there is an antidote for the potion. To Timothy, Ursula says that Azucena will take is a love potion. Only then, Azucena can escape the wedding night with Timothy. Startled, Azucena ingests the liquid and falls into a deep sleep.

But to the dismay of Timothy, Azucena hangs the antidote. Taking advantage of the beloved was alone in the room, Jesuíno the enemy's farm strip. Just can not reverse the deep sleep in which she fell. No pulse, she is presumed dead.

Timothy is shot in a confrontation with Zoio-Bored (Tuca Andrada) and is presumed dead. Meanwhile, as if by a miracle, the princess wakes up.

To the surprise of all, Timothy reappears in Brogodó, very sick, and promises revenge. Back also to pick up the child he had with Carlota. Want the boy give continuity to his "reign". The villain can kidnap Azucena. She tries to fool you and run away, but he angrily begins to set fire to the church, with the two inside. To Timothy, the flames were cleansed. Azucena is saved, and Timotheus dead.

Antonia and Ignatius marry, and Dora and Felipe. Jesuíno is devoted Seraphim II, The Expected, but returns the crown to Augustus, who announces the arrival of an heir, son of Mary Cesaria (Lucy Ramos). Jesuíno and Azucena marry and, soon after, celebrate the news of Azucena pregnancy. The couple decides to leave and return to serafia Brogodó.

The application Patácio is contested, because of irregularities in his administration, new candidates vying for the position of mayor: Fausto Peixoto, son of the former mayor; Prince Philip, who is in Brazil; and Zóio-Bored. Zóio receives arrest warrant because he was a fugitive, and Faustinho can not convince voters with his speech. The victory is celebrated by Felipe and Doralice, which also assumes a position of importance in the city, the delegated.

What's New in cangaço universe: Benvinda back to Herculaneum bunch, and Penelope marries Belarmino (João Miguel).

The botanical Zenóbio (Guilherme Fontes) is a great friend of King Augustus. When the king gives up search for Aurora in Brazil and back to serafia, Zenóbio informs him that remain in Brogodó, because his heart was hooked by the flora and fauna of the region and also by the gracious hinterland Florinda (Emanuelle Araujo). The couple gets married, has three daughters - Rose (Isabelle Drummond), Dulcina (Barbara Maia), Zig (Caio Manhente) - and goes on to create Teínha (Patricia Werneck), the younger sister Florinda.

The Zenóbio's wife is a woman of fiber. Supports the family through its sale, which at night turns into a crowded forró space. That's where the Setembrino musicians (Glicério Rosary) and Quiquiqui (Marcello Novaes) are shown. When in town, Farid (Mouhamed Harfouch) joins them, bringing his accordion and completing the animation.

It Florinda who decides to find out the identity of the mysterious man in the iron mask. She takes him home and, with the collaboration of Zenobius, helps the Duke to remove the mask that imprisoned him for 20 years. After much hammering, the lock opens and, finally, the brother of the king is free of his burden. The couple impresses with bad appearance of Petrus (Felipe Camargo), which, upon receiving the Florinda care and have beard and hair cut, is recognized by Zenobius.

So much travel, extracting teeth and cutting hair, Farid went on to win three women. Delivering equal attention to all, able to maintain relationships secret for years. Neusa (Heloise Périssé), the parent sister Batoré delegate (Osmar Prado), is envied by all women of Brogodó. They think Farid the ideal husband. But while on the Cross Village village, the Turkish was enchanted by the feminine and sensual Bartira (Andreia Horta). There were not enough, still made time for Penelope (Paula Burlamaqui), a modern and sophisticated journalist capital. However, in the course of the novel, the amorous escapades of Farid are discovered by Neusa. After shedding many tears, she takes the radical decision to turn into a more exuberant, daring woman. For starters, she changes her clothes before discrete, however flashy, colorful and provocative pieces. She lets her long hair and make up on. Unrecognizable, leaves home, ready to test your power of seduction. His first target is Baldini (Emilio de Mello). The general is impressed with the change of Neusa attitude, and she gives him a kiss. But it ends the novel with Quiquiqui (Marcello Novaes), who can have the dream child.

Doralice (Nathalia Dill) is the daughter of the mayor Patácio Peixoto (Mark Caruso) and first lady Ternurinha (Zeze Polessa) and Sister Faust (Renato Garcia). Back to Brogodó after years studying outside, and his father already gives you an important function: to accompany Prince Felipe (Jayme Matarazzo) during his stay in the city. At first, neither Dora nor Felipe really like the idea. Considered the black sheep of the family, Dora always liked the play of boys and returned the city with modern habits too much for her mother's taste. With the completely opposite genius, Felipe, fragile and shy, startles with style "arretado" the girl. In return for the favor to follow the prince, Doralice convinces her father to let her work at the town hall and to get involved in the issues of the city. She falls in love with Jesuíno (Cauã Reymond) and try to be part of the beloved vigilante gang, but is rejected by a woman. To be accepted in the group, just pretending to be a man, assuming the identity of cornmeal. Besides being close to the boy, she could fight beside him and do justice. Throughout the novel, Dora falls in love with Felipe, who marries.

Upon arriving in Brazil for the second time, King Augustus boggles the cook by Maria Cesaria (Lucy Ramos), so see for the first time, in the kitchen of the mayor Patácio. The beauty of young, his shyness and his wonderful spice to win through. He does not care that she is a servant and invests in the novel. He is afraid, but if delivery and ends the queen and pregnant King novel.

Ignatius (Mauritius Destri), Prince of North serafia, and Antonia (Luiza Valdetaro), sister of Timothy (Bruno Gagliasso), are in love and plan to get together, but the couple's marriage is prevented by Batoré delegate (Osmar Prado), groom the girl who does not conform to lose his beloved. To this end, the authority has the help of Timothy and in return, agrees to help the coronelzinho get rid of Jesuíno (Cauã Reymond). When he discovers that his bride was abducted shortly before the wedding, Ignatius decides to go after it with Augusto king's car. He finds Batoré and Antonia in the way and begins to follow them. The delegate accelerates to escape his rival, always run over a woman and flees without provide relief. Then had an accident, is unconscious, and Ignatius manages to rescue his beloved. The two return to help the girl who was hit, but it does not resist. From that event, the prince decides to leave the nobility and devote to the poor of the Cross Village, working alongside the seer Miguezim (Matheus Nachtergaele).

Antonia suffers from the pressure made by his brother to marry the delegate. Enough to make hunger strike to show how not to marry him, but have no choice, and the two end up getting married. Nevertheless, the novel ends with Ignatius. The delegate, in love with the Queen Helena, give him an annulment.

Throughout the novel, Ursula (Débora Bloch) falls in love with Captain Herculaneum (Montagner Domingos). After trying in vain to convince him to steal the treasure serafia to escape together Brogodó, the Duchess flees the camp, but is bitten by a snake while hiding in the woods. Herculano finds and takes her back. Anxious and afraid that something will happen with the Duchess, the captain orders Belarmino (João Miguel) search the town doctor. After the scare, Ursula says that the bandits is no life for her, but they could have a life of luxury if he accepted steal the treasure. But the captain stands firm your decision.

In addition to the usual Brogodó unrest caused by disputes between Timothy and Jesuíno, a group of stars of silent film in Rio de Janeiro moves the city. Silverio Duarte (Mauricio Machado), Thomas Lampedusa (Gillray Coutinho) and Vicentina Celeste (Mayana Neiva) want to film the story of Princess Aurora (Bianca Bin) and need an actress to play her. They decide then organize a competition to find the most talented girl in the city. Vincentian Celeste is the super star of the capital and is dead jealous with the choice of a new artist. But, because she has a shrill voice, can only participate in even silent films. Farid, with his Lebanese blood, charm and accent, leaves the woman madly in love. And Vicentina use all her wiles to win him over. In the film, Thomas Lampedusa has another mission. The acclaimed director search to Brogodó an actor to take the capital. The chosen is Belarmino (João Miguel), right-hand Herculano captain. Bel stood out in the film of the bandits, presented by Penelope (Paula Burlamaqui) in Rio de Janeiro.

Bellarmine takes the first steps to make life in banditry, rise to stardom in the capital. The bandit acts with Babs (Nanda Costa) in his first acting test, under the direction of Thomas Lampedusa. Penelope observes the beloved talent with the text in hand, but is uncomfortable with the insinuations of Babs. The journalist is afraid of being betrayed again, as it did with her Said. Fond of Penelope, the bandit asks her to marry.


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