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Kingdom  Plantae
Subfamily  Cactoideae
Scientific name  Copiapoa
Rank  Genus
Family  Cactaceae
Tribe  Notocacteae
Higher classification  Cactus
Order  Caryophyllales
Copiapoa httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons22
Lower classifications  Copiapoa marginata, Copiapoa coquimbana, Copiapoa mollicula, Copiapoa echinoides

Copiapoa montana cactus in beautiful yellow star flower

Copiapoa is a genus of cacti from the dry coastal deserts, particularly the Atacama Desert, of northern Chile. It comprises about 26 species. These species vary in form from spherical to slightly columnar and in color from a brownish to blue-green body.


Copiapoa Copiapoa cinerea

My copiapoa montana cactus in beautiful yellow flower 2014


Pilocopiapoa F.Ritter has been brought into synonymy with this genus. Some authorities also include here the genus Blossfeldia.


Copiapoa Copiapoa cinerea
  • Copiapoa atacamensis
  • Copiapoa bridgesii (Copiapoa de Bridges)
  • Copiapoa calderana
  • Copiapoa carrizalensis
  • Copiapoa cinerascens
  • Copiapoa cinerea (Copiapoa de Philippi)
  • Copiapoa conglomerata
  • Copiapoa coquimbana (Coquimbano)
  • Copiapoa echinoides
  • Copiapoa echinoides var. cuprea
  • Copiapoa echinoides var. dura
  • Copiapoa esmeraldana
  • Copiapoa fiedleriana (syn. C. echinata )
  • Copiapoa grandiflora
  • Copiapoa haseltoniana
  • Copiapoa humilis (Humildito)
  • Copiapoa hypogaea
  • Copiapoa krainziana (Chascón)
  • Copiapoa laui
  • Copiapoa longistaminea
  • Copiapoa malletiana (Copiapoa de Carrizal)
  • Copiapoa marginata
  • Copiapoa megarhiza
  • Copiapoa mollicula (Bajotierra)
  • Copiapoa serpentisulcata
  • Copiapoa solaris
  • Copiapoa solaris var. ferox
  • Copiapoa taltalensis (Quisco del Desierto)
  • Copiapoa tenuissima
  • Copiapoa tocopillana (Tocopillano)

  • Copiapoa Copiapoa cinerea
    Copiapoa Copiapoa leonensis
    Copiapoa Copiapoa cinerea
    Copiapoa Copiapoa lauii laui FK 439 Esmeralda Guanillos Chile


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