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Convent Bukit Nanas

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Form 1 - Form 6


Convent Bukit Nanas

Government Non-boarding all-girls secondary School

Cluster school of excellence

Large School campus, at the city centre

Malaysia Ministry Of Education

Jalan Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty

Sisters of the Infant Jesus

Smk convent bukit nanas choir champion 2013

Convent Bukit Nanas (CBN) is an elite all-girls secondary school located at Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Established in 1899, it is one of the oldest schools in Malaysia and is widely known as CBN. Convent Bukit Nanas is one of the first schools to be distinguished as a Cluster School of Excellence by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. CBN has a close relationship with her brother school, St John's Institution, which is located along the same road and is also a Cluster School of Excellence. It is one of the 30 Convent secondary schools in Malaysia.


On 16 December 2008, Pos Malaysia issued a premium set of four commemorative stamps and first day cover, honouring four Premier Schools of Malaysia - Convent Bukit Nanas and Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur, SMK St. Thomas in Kuching and SMK All Saints in Sabah for their superiority in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities.

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In 1899, three Sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Infant Jesus stepped off a steamship anchored at Port Swettenham. Reverend Mother St Levine, accompanied by Sisters St Sabine and St Madeleine, had come on a mission to establish a school in Kuala Lumpur. The first Convent school was located in Nonya Ah Yok's garden shed, and the Sisters lived on the first floor of her country house by the River Gombak on Ampang Road. The site is directly opposite Bukit Nanas. On 1 March 1899, the Convent School in Kuala Lumpur officially opened with a dozen children. Many of the early pupils were children of immigrants working on the railway lines. By the second year, there were 60 day pupils and orphans and insufficient room with Nonya Ah Yok.

To the rescue came Towkay Ngee sui who gave temporary residence to the Sisters and the children at his house in Semenyih. He also approached the Government for approval to start a lottery to enable the Sisters to buy Victoria Hotel in Brickfields. Towkay Goh, as one of the benefactors of the Convent, continued to help the Sisters, even providing a carriage and pony for their grocery shopping. On 15 January 1901, Victoria Hotel - once the venue of annual general meetings of the United Planters' Association - became home to Reverend Mother St. André, 17 sisters, 60 orphans, 22 boarders and 100 day pupils. There was also a creche for 12 babies. Word of the Sisters' good work spread, and increasing numbers of pupils crammed the school. By 1911, there were 308 children, prompting the Inspector of Schools to recommend that new classrooms be built.


1899 The first principal, Reverend Mother St. Levine, was murdered. The murdererwas found dead in mysterious circumstances and police considered it as a murder-suicide.

1900 The death of a day pupil was noted in the Diary. 'The school closed at half past one to allow the children to go home and get ready for the funeral on 24 January. In December, the Federal Inspector of Schools congratulated the Sisters on the 'efficient state of the school' adding that he would be recommending the maximum grant for the Convent.

1902 5 November - The Inspector of Schools FMS, J. Driver, approved the syllabi for Hygiene and Geography.
11 December - The Acting British Resident visited the Convent and its grounds to inspect the 'ruins of inundation'.

1904 The pupils wore a Convent uniform for the first time - a blue skirt and white blouse, sewn by Sisters Lawrence and Marie. Some boys left for the newly opened St. John's Institution.

1907 The school got its first grand piano, donated by Milly O'Hara Music lessons introduced by Rev Mother St. Augustin. Rev Mother St André, after a recuperative period in France, was transferred to Taiping Convent.

1909 The Inspector of Schools in his report noted that the Infant class was well supplied with kindergarten material. The lower Elementary classes used writing books with double lines, and the 'writing' in consequence was better'. F. A. Vanrenen also noted that 'pains was being taken with the pronunciation and the reading throughout was most satisfactory. Composition of Standard IV was fair'. He recommended that each student in the Higher Elementary Standards be provided with an atlas or map of reference for the Geography lesson. (The Inspector of Schools made frequent visits to the Convent School - in March, May and September)

1911 Mother St Matilde, revered founder of the HIJ Missions in Malaya, Singapore and Japan dies in Yokohama.

1912 2 December - Convent Bukit Nanas, or "The Top" as it came to be called, by the Sisters was opened officially by Edward Lewis Brockman, Chief Secretary to Government. E.L. Brockman said in his opening address that he felt confident of the Sister's ability to raise the $26,000 that would be required to pay for the school building and extension. Their benefactors knew that the money would be 'well lid out' for besides 'offering a sound education to children of all classes and creeds, the sisters cared for orphans of whom there were 108 in the Convent at the present time.

1915 - 1924 Chapel built; blessed by Monsignor Barillon on 27 September, it would be a sacred place of prayer and reflection for generations of students.
CBN gets electricity. Visit by Mother General St. Marguerite Mary, paying tribute to the Convent's Benefactor, Goh Ah Ngee, at the event officiated by Chief Secretary W E Maxwell. CBN's 25th Anniversary. Celebrations postponed until a year later. 700 pupils at the time.

World War II (1941-1945)
The Japanese landed in Kota Bahru on 8 December 1941. Penang was bombarded by 85 Japanese dive bombers on 12 December. Kuala Lumpur was occupied on 13 January 1942, and Singapore fell to the Japanese on 11 February 1942. The Convent Bukit Nanas became a temporary sanctuary for hundreds of civilian refugees, and a home for even more orphans and abandoned babies. The Sisters grew vegetables on two acres in Kajang, drew water from a well in the courtyard, and looked after 400 refugees throughout the Japanese Occupation. Thirty three Holy Infant Jesus Sisters of Malaya and Singapore died during the War. The Sisters continued writing their Annals entries.

The End of War 1945
8 May The Sisters received confirmation of rumours that Germany had surrendered unconditionally to the Allied forces.
28 August Graduation ceremony of the last group of Sisters in the Shihan Gakko.
15 September Convent Bukit Nanas re-opened.

1945 - 1965 After the Japanese Occupation, Rev Mother Adele returned CBN to its original state with the help of the British Military Administration(BMA). The Nazareth Building, formerly the house of the Chief Justice, became part of the school; this addition was granted by the Government. Rev Mother Pauline became headmistress and introduced physical education (PE) to the school. Science was introduced as part of the curriculum. The art hall and laboratories were built and economics was added to the curriculum. The primary school and secondary school were separated. Form 6 classes began. The Form 4 block of classes was built. Rev Mother Aidan became headmistress and the four Houses were formed. The Houses took the names of current and previous headmistresses: Aidan (Red), Pauline (Blue), Adele (Yellow) and Xavier (Green).

1973 -2008 The school's Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) was established. Mrs Chee Phui Lay became the school's first layperson Principal. Sister Anne started the Counseling Program. The school office moved to a new location close to the Upper Secondary School. Bahasa Malaysia became the medium for study and instruction for all subjects. "The Facade" painted to commemorate the school's 85th anniversary. Both primary and secondary schools celebrated CBN’s 100th anniversary and the school band was founded. Featured as one of four Premier Schools in commemorative stamps.


On top of a hill once planted with pineapple and coffee, and only a stone's throw from St. John's Institution and Cathedral, the site at Bukit Nanas was the location to start the convent. The Sisters bought the land for $40,000 and sold the old Convent property in Brickfields Road to the Government for $60,000. The new Convent building cost another $26,000. The shortfall was paid for with contributions from the public.


English Gothic architecture

The Nazareth Built around 1898, this house has undergone several transformations. Once the house of the Chief Justice, 'Nazareth' was requisitioned during the Japanese Occupation as the Domestic Science School for Girls. With the rapid increase in enrolment, there was a shortage of trained teachers in the country. In 1957, the Sisters acquired Nazareth to house a Teacher's Training College. In the 12 years, Nazareth provided over 300 teachers who fanned out to teach not only at Convent Bukit Nanas but at 50 Convents situated in all parts of the Peninsula. Afte 1970, Nazareth became the Sixth Form Wing of Convent Bukit Nanas.

Academics and Curriculum

CBN comprises a secondary school and two primary schools. Administration of the secondary and primary schools separated in 1958. CBN has classes from Form 1 through to Form Six for girls aged 13 to 18. Girls enter CBN after they have completed their primary education in SRK Convent Bukit Nanas School I and School II (Malay: Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Convent Bukit Nanas). These primary schools have classes from Year 1 through Year 6 for girls aged 7 to 12.

The CBN secondary school administers three national Malaysian exams, the PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah), the SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia and the STPM (Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia). PMR is taken by students at the Form 3 level to determine placement into Science, Art or Commerce courses. STPM is a pre-university course equivalent to the A-Levels and the IB and is taken by students in Form 6. However, most girls leave CBN after they complete the SPM at Form 5 to pursue other pre-university courses like the A-Levels. As a result, SPM is seen as the most important exam of most Malaysian high school students careers.

CBN has constantly been among the top three performing schools for SPM in Kuala Lumpur, according to the Malaysian Ministry of Education. In 2010, CBN emerged as the top performing school in Kuala Lumpur for SPM. Each year, only a small number of students receive straight A's. As a result, this is a highly coveted honour. Convent Bukit Nanas receives a large amount of national media attention on results day.

Reverend Mothers and Principals

Reverend Mother St Levine February 1899-March 1899
Reverend Mother St Augustin 1900-1911
Reverend Mother St Tarcisius 1911-1923
Reverend Mother St Adele 1923-1951
Reverend Mother St Pauline 1951-1957
Reverend Mother St Francis Xavier 1957-1965
Reverend Mother St Aidan 1965-1966
Reverend Mother St Brede 1966-1976
Mrs. Chee Phui Lay 1976-1979
Mrs. Indrani Manuel 1979-1993
Mrs. Vimala Matthews 1993-1999
Mrs. Alice George 1999-2004
Mrs. Ann Khoo 2004-2011
Mrs. Mystrical Rose Fernandez 2011-2014
Mrs. Nirmala S,S Nathan 2014-

The continued rapid annual increase in enrollment at CBN necessitated change. The primary and secondary schools became separate entities in 1958. Nine years later, it was again time for reorganisation. In 1967, the secondary school came under a separate administration. CBN continued with the practice of having Sister Superiors as coordinators of the various aspects of the Convent.

Sister St. Aida, Sister Superior 1967-1969
Sister St. Lawrence, Sister Superior 1969-1974
Sister St. Therese Barra, Sister Superior 1974-1978

CBN continued with the tradition of teaching Sisters who included Sister Bernadette, Sister Dorothy O Keeffe, Sister Bernadine Singleton, Sister Claire Wee, Sister M. Michael, Sister Angele Sih, Sister James Netto and Sister Fidelis.

The Convent Creed

The School Badge
The school badge of the Convent is an international one used by students on five continents - in places as far apart as Bolivia, France, Peru, Italy, Singapore, Spain, England, Ireland, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. The center of the badge is red with a silver band fringed with gold. Red traditionally conveys the message of love, God's Spirit of Love embracing the world. On the right is the Holy Book. To the Christians, this is the Bible; to the Muslims, the Quran; to the Hindus the Bhagavadgita; to the Buddhists, the Dharmapada. On the left are the Distaff and Spindle. This is the symbol of labor.

School Song

The school song is sung with the accompaniment of a piano. The music score was composed by Lee Swee Yin.

English version
The shining star of my life
You will always glow within me
And through me you will shine forth
A new light others will follow.
With us your memory will stay
You will always light the way
Show us our strengths and our hopes,
CBN, our star forever more.
So hear our song sung with spirits strong
We, the girls of CBN today
Will lift up our motto and strive to be
Simple in virtue, steadfast in duty
So hear our song sung with spirits strong
We the girls of CBN today
The youth of tomorrow, we promise to be true
For CBN, we love you.- English Lyrics by Eileen Lau

Malay Version
Sinar bintang hidupku
Bercahaya di sanubari
Sering bergemerlapan
Pancar sinar untuk semua.

Ingatan'kan bersemi
Kerana kau penyuluh hidup
Tunjukkan harapan teguh
CBN,bintang abadiku.

Dengarlah suara semangat waja
Kami insan CBN kini
Teruskan cita dan usaha
Tulus dengan fadilah, azam dengan bakti
Dengarlah suara semangat waja
Kami insan CBN kini
Bakal pemudi harapan negara
Kerana CBN kau tercinta.
Bahasa Malaysia lyrics by Puteri Zalina

Cheerleading (Xavier)

CBN's senior cheer leading team, Xavier, was established in the year 2000. In the years after that, the popularity of cheer leading in Malaysia and in CBN has grown exponentially. Girls undergo a rigorous training and selection process before being officially initiated in the squad. Xavier performs during sports day, school competitions and upon invitation to showcasing events. Every year, the highlight of Xavier is to compete in the National Cheer Competitions of Malaysia. Xavier has won a slew of awards including but not restricted to Champion, First-runner up, Second-Runner-up and Best Showmanship.

Xavier maintains a friendly rivalry with premier cheer leading squads like Cyren's from Sri Kuala Lumpur. Xavier's cheer leading outfit is a trademark green, white and black. Xavier's cheerleading endeavours are a significant source of pride for the school and it draws out plenty of school spirit. CBN's Xavier supporters have won the Best Supporter award on multiple occasions. A number of Xavier's cheer leaders have gone on to cheer professionally in the Cheerleading Association and Register of Malaysia.

The Old Girls' Association

Originally called the Past Pupils Association, the first meeting was on Saturday 12 June 1951. About 140 old girls elected Mrs T.H. Ho as the President, Mrs D. Martin as Vice-President, Miss Yvonne Pun as Secretary and Miss Cho Seen Chok as Treasurer. Their first activity was the organization of the Mammoth Fun Fair on 4 August 1951 to raise funds for the Science Laboratory and Domestic Science Class. Somewhat defunct now as an Association, individual Old Girls now help the School in their personal capacity. Thereby continuing the tradition of steadfast duty to Convent Bukit Nanas.

School Magazine

The school magazine, Marguerite, is published annually. The first edition was published in 1968.

The Centenary Book

The Centenary Book is the culmination of many months of research. The Centenary Book Committee were motivated to produce this Centenary Book as a tribute to the Sisters and Teachers who taught them to read and appreciate poetry, to reason and to count their blessings. For the Sisters and the Teachers, the Committee turned to libraries and archives to uncover information that would help place the School in its proper historical perspective. The Committee wrote, faxed, and telephoned hundreds of Old Girls (alumnae) - from Hong Kong to Australia to England to the United States of America - asking them to cull schoolgirl photographs from their albums.

The Board of Governors of Convent Bukit Nanas Secondary School

(Lembaga Pengelola Sekolah Menengah Convent Bukit Nanas)
With Merdeka, there came a major overhaul of the education system. School boards were introduced, following the recommendation of the Razak Report of 1956. They were given extensive powers; such as hiring and firing of teachers, supervision of school finances and administration of Mission Property. The Board comprised three representatives each from the Mission, parent body and the local education office and past students. While the new Boards worked to safeguard Mission interests, they represented a radical change from the traditional administration model under which the Reverend Mother Principal had full control, answerable to her Provincial and the local Education Officer.


1958-1966: Rev Mother Francis Xavier1966-1976: Sister Denis1976-1998: Sister Brede Forde1998-present: Dr Indrani Manuel

Presidents of the Parent- Teacher Association

(Yang Di- Pertua Persatuan Ibu- Bapa dan Guru- Guru Sekolah Menengah Convent Bukit Nanas)

1973- 1974 Professor Ahmad bin Mohd Ibrahim1974- 1976 Mr Joseph Liew 1976- 1978 Yang Arif Tun Azmi bin Mohamed1978- 1979 Yang Arif Dato' Azmi bin Kamarrudin1979- 1983 Yang Arif Tan Sri Datuk Hj Mohd Salleh bin Abas1983- 1984 Dr Ariffin bin Mohd Ismail1984- 1985 Encik Mohtar Abdullah1985- 1987 Yang Arif Tan Sri Datuk Abdul Hamid bin Hj Omar 1987- 1989 Yang Arif Dato' Mohtar Abdullah1989- 1990 Yang Berbahagia Datin Naimah Sulaiman Hasbi1990- 1993 Yang Berbahagia Puan Sri Dr. Rohana Zubir 1993- 1994 Tuan Haji Sulaiman bin Hj Mohd Yusof1994- 1997 Yang Arif Justice Dato' K.C. Vohrah1997- Yang Arif Justice Dato' T. Selventhiranathan

School Captains

1958 Lalitha Raj1959 Wynne Gow1960 Monica Yoong1962 Josephine Ayadurai1963 Tan May Ling1964 Patricia Tan1965 Hung Hin Ping1966 Ho Sook Kin1967 Elaine Morais1968 Khoo Gaik Hung1969 Ng Bee Nor1970 Lim Gim Kim1971 Yvonne Antoine1972 Jasmine Kandiah1973 Woo Sook Yee1975 Ambiga Sreenevasan1976 Jessie De Ruyne1977 Pushparani Moothatamb1978 Virginie Peterson1979 Christiane Goonting1980 Vickneswari Ayadurai1981 Suja Anne Joseph1982 Sita Subramony1983 Caroline Marie Ghanu1984 Ng Cheng Yii1985 Harjit Kaur1986 Loo Goong Meng1987 Sharina Intak Abdullah1988 Man Kein Soong1989 Karen Kaur Bal1990 Maimunah Ahmad1991 Ngeow Swee Jian1992 Lim Yenhsia1993 Seah Suying1994 Choo Pei Ping1995 Koh Siew Ling1996 Yeow Pooi Ling1997 Rebecca Jeyanthi Selvaraju1998 Lim Pek Yen1999 Vidhya Hariraj2000 Elaine Liew Li Fong2001 Punitha Kunabal2002 Leong Chui Mun2003 Anusyia Rajantra2004 Khor Jia Na2005 Lee Foong Kin2006 Lee Foong Kin2007 Chua Mei Xin2008 Yong Suk Yen2009 Vivian Choong2010 Lee Ai Ring2011 Deborah A. John2012 Charissa Chang2013 Sonia Ashley Miranda2014 Rachel Leong Shern Mae2015 Priya Nithya Ramalinggam2016 Abbernaa Dhevi Kukananthan2017 Fiona Ng Hui Yun


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