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Confusion Na Wa

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Director  Kenneth Gyang
Language  English
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Crime, Drama
Country  Nigeria
Confusion Na Wa movie poster
Release date  August 1, 2013 (2013-08-01) (AFRIFF)
Writer  Kenneth Gyang, Tom Rowlands-Rees (story), Tom Rowlands-Rees
Initial release  October 25, 2013 (Nigeria)
Screenplay  Kenneth Gyang, Tom Rowlands-Rees
Story by  Tom Rowlands-Rees, Akphor Harley Kagho
Cast  OC Ukeje (Charles), Ali Nuhu (Bello), Ramsey Nouah (Emeka Nwosu), Tunde Aladese (Isabella), Ikponmwosa Gold (Chichi)
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Confusion Na Wa is a 2013 Nigerian dark comedy drama film directed by Kenneth Gyang, starring Ramsey Nouah, OC Ukeje, Ali Nuhu and Tunde Aladese. The title of the film was inspired by the lyrics of the late Afrobeat singer Fela Kuti's song "Confusion". Confusion Na Wa won the Best picture at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards, it also won the award for Best Nigerian film. The film tells a story on how so many interconnected separate events come together to complicate the lives of people.


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Confusion Na Wa Confusion Na Wa Latest 2016 Nigerian Nollywood Drama Movie

An unnamed narrator delivers a monologue about images to be found at the end of the film. Emeka Nwosu (Ramsey Nouah) is held back in the road traffic caused by the death of a pedestrian struck when he looked at a text sent to him by his concubine, Isabella (Tunde Aladese), reminding him to get home early so that they could have some fun.


City hustlers Charles (OC Ukeje) and Chichi (Gold Ikponmwosa) come upon the scene as a fight breaks out on the crowded road. Emeka is knocked to the ground unaware that his phone has fallen from his pocket. He walks away and Charles takes it.

Confusion Na Wa Confusion Na Wa 2013 IMDb

Bello (Ali Nuhu) is a diligent and honest civil servant, whose only "crime" at the office has been to avoid any corruption that is practice by his co-workers. His raucous boss disrespects him whenever possible. He is given jobs by his colleagues to do complete when everyone has left. He suffers from the abuse of his boss for not finishing his work.

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Charles and Chichi look over the phone as they decide what to do with it. Then they break into the car of a publisher to take the stereo and sell it. Over drinks they discuss The Lion King. Emeka notices that his phone is gone so tries the number to locate it. Charlie says that due to "The Circle of Life" in The Lion King, ownership has been passed from Emeka to them. He is furious and Isabella calms him.

Confusion Na Wa Confusion Na Wa Trailer Nigerian Movie YouTube

Babajide (Tony Goodman) is the head publisher of Righteous Trumpet Newspaper. He tells his family during dinner of the stereo robbery; they do not condemn the act. Instead his son, Kola (Nathaniel Deme) debates that the blame is on the government. His mother attempts to end the discussion with the introduction of another topic that will allow each side to who is shifting the blame from the thieves to the government. His mum introduces another topic to end the heated debate since neither side will let things be.

Confusion Na Wa Sodas Popcorn Movie Review Confusion Na Wa BellaNaija

Charles gets Chichi to go with him to the drug dealer, Muri (Toyin Oshinaike). Charles had sex with Muri's sister but Chichi wants to see a different dealer at "Abbatoir". He later retires then follows Charles. They buy drugs worth N200, and as Muri's sister walks outside and Muri notices Chichi facial expressions towards her, Muri tells them that his sister is about to get married . Charles and Chichi talk while having a cigar and Chichi tells Charles that he will be relocating to Bauchi State to start a new life with his uncle. Charles wishes him well and the stolen phone as a farewell gift.

The two friends interrupt the sexual intercourse between a disturbed Emeka and Isabella with a call, and they start to negotiate a ransom for the recovery of the phone, while Emeka's wife waits for him at home. Kola's sister, Doyin (Yachat Sankey) sneaks out of the house to attend a party and persuades Kola to promise not to tell their parents. At the party, Charles drugs Doyin's friend, Fola (Lisa Pam-Tok) then the power goes out and he rapes her. Chichi refuses to use drugs on Doyin and opts to get her number instead. Police raid the party and arrest many including Charles. At home, Babajide tries motivating Kola with some fatherly advise and explains to him that he needs to start taking responsibility to become a man. He instructs Kola to join him at his office the next day.

At home we see that Bello's wife is Isabella, and he questions his wife on her whereabouts the previous day. She feels irritated in the course of their argument, especially at his mention of lack of money as the reason for them not wanting to have a child. On his way to work the next day, Babajide and Kola engage in a father-son conversation, and Babajide narrates his life-story on how he was able to overcome challenges during the civil war and establish his company. He gets distracted then splashes muddy water on Bello, who is walking along the road. Bello reacts angrily by throwing a stone at the car and regrettably breaking the back-screen. Babjide refuses to accept any compensation or apology from him and decides to take him to the Police Station explaining to him that as a good example to his son, whenever crimes are committed, it should always be a matter for the police. As he zooms off with Bello in his car, the sticker on his car reads "I am an Ideal Citizen, what about you?". Bello refuses to bribe his way out of jail at the request of the corrupt policemen and is placed in the same cell as Charles. Babajide introduces Kola to his staff at the office and tells him to write an article on the decline of the moral level in the society, using his ordeal (with the thieves and Bello) as a guide, even though he had previously told him to write on the power supply.

After some hours, the police release Bello, having encountered difficulty in extorting money from either him or Babajide; however they refuse to help him find his wallet, which is later revealed to have been stolen by Charles in the cell. Afterwards he is set free after his Parole Officer warns him that he will not be given a second chance if he breaks the law again. He sets out to his father's house, where the nagging of his mum about his way of life drove him out. Charles and Chichi meets on a hill, where they discuss the previous night and their encounter with the ladies. They call Emeka and threaten to blackmail him by telling his wife of his extra-marital affairs, if he does not yield to their demands. Doyin informs Kola that her friend is missing and he should come to her rescue. Kola leaves his dad's office to assist her in finding Fola. After searching for some time, they find Fola by the road then take her home to an apprehensive dad, Adekunle (Toyin Alabi) who swore to kill whoever was responsible for the rape. Isabella informs Emeka that she is pregnant, and he refuses the pregnancy and advises her to return to her husband. Babajide consults many of his colleagues to examine if his suspicion that Kola is gay is true. Bello angrily abandons his work after getting fed-up with the kind of treatment he has been subjected to by his boss and colleagues. Adekunle gets the address of Emeka through his phone number (from Chichi). He consults Bello's office and pays his way to get the personal details of the owner of the phone.

Emeka narrates his phone theft story to his wife, Irene (Yewande Iruemiobe) and she discourages him from paying the ransom. On his way out to meet Charles and Chichi, he is stopped by Adekunle, who slaps him severely thinking he is Chichi. After some explanations from Irene, Adekunle lets Emeka go but takes the ransom from him. Babajide questions Kola, and stylishly tries to get him to speak about his view of sexuality. Kola's responses suggest that he is unsure about what he feels about his sexual attractions, and so his dad immediately takes him to Muri in order to be cleansed of homosexuality. Bello's wife Isabella tries to impose her pregnancy on him, but he refuses citing "lack of sex" as a reason. He later sees messages that implicate Isabella on her phone.

Charles and Chichi are discussing with Muri on how they will extort money from Emeka at their meeting in Shayi's. Muri also tells them that he was paid N115,000 by Adekunle for a firearm. Kola and his dad arrive at Muri's bar explaining their ordeal to him. He responds, requesting that his "nurses" cleanse Kola of homosexuality. Bello arrives at Shayi's and suspiciously approaches a man, who he mistakenly thought was Emeka. Adekunle also arrives the scene then shoots Chichi (thinking he was Charles) who was seated with Charles close to the entrance of the restaurant.


  • Ramsey Noah as Emeka Nwosu
  • OC Ukeje as Charles
  • Ali Nuhu as Bello
  • Tunde Aladese as Isabella
  • Gold Ikponmwosa as Chichi
  • Tony Goodman as Babajide
  • Nathaniel Deme as Kola
  • Yanchat Sankey as Doyin
  • Lisa Pam Tok as Fola
  • Toyin Alabi as Adekunle
  • Reception

    The film was received with positive reviews with Sodas and Popcorn rating it 4 out of 5, describing it as one of the best movies of 2013 and an inspiration to Nigeria's filmmakers.


    It won 2 awards at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards. It also went on to win 3 awards at the 2013 Best Of Nollywood Awards.

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