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Computer Warriors

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Directed by  Bill Kroyer
Written by  Carl Macek Bill Kroyer
Edited by  Brad Gunther
Director  Bill Kroyer
Adapted from  Computer Warriors
Produced by  Carl Macek
Music by  Jack Goga
Initial release  1990
Producer  Carl Macek
Screenplay  Bill Kroyer, Carl Macek
Computer Warriors Computer Warriors Parry Game Preserve

Production company  Kroyer Films Mattel Toys
Cast  Dave Mallow, Frank Catalano
Similar  Technological Threat, FernGully: The Last Rainforest, Robotech II: The Sentinels, 8 Man After: Perfect C, Robotech 3000

Computer warriors the adventure begins 1990

Computer Warriors was a toy line made by Mattel from 1989-1990. The storyline behind the toys involves a top-secret government computer which unleashes evil Virus troops. These troops, led by Megahert, hide in everyday household objects and have the goal of world domination by taking control of computers. The government computer then produces antiviruses, the Computer Warriors, led by Romm to battle the Virus troops. The Computer Warriors tagline ran "Expect the unexpected!"


Unlike many toylines of the time, Computer Warriors did not feature a tie-in animated series. There was only a single pilot episode, Computer Warriors: The Adventure Begins, which was later released on VHS. Directed by Bill Kroyer (who also co-wrote with Carl Macek) it featured his signature style of integrating wireframe CGI with traditional hand-drawn animation.

Computer Warriors wwwparrygamepreservecomimagescomputerWarriors

Computer warriors the adventure begins 1990


Computer Warriors Computer Warriors Parry Game Preserve

When a mechanical arm at Parallax Computer Systems drops a software cartridge and inserts itself in its place, it creates a power surge that turns four programs into viruses: Megahert, the leader; Indexx, his advisor; Null, a lackey, and the uncontrollable Minus. The Parallax Computer responds by activating four Computer Warriors, Romm, Gridd, Micronn, and Skannar. All eight ride on circuitboard gliders. The Computer Warriors chase the viruses into a telecomm port, and Romm believes the viruses neutralized in the explosion, but they have escaped into the material world and discovered the ability to convert household objects for their own use. Skannar discovers this and the Computer Warriors learn to do the same, capturing the viruses each on his own CD Rom. In a cliffhanger ending that was never resolved, the boy who owns the computer takes the discs to a friend with a better computer, with the Computer Warriors racing through the bitstream to get there first.



  • MVP trophy - Soccer trophy transforms into "radar rover." Includes "Null" figure.
  • Beamer - Flashlight transforms into "flash craft." Includes "Skannar" figure.
  • LeadHead - Pencil sharpener transforms into "techno-jet." Includes "Minus" figure.
  • AdAll - Calculator transforms into "techno-tank." Includes "Dekodar" figure.
  • Invasion of the Viruses - Book transforms into "evil rocket base." Includes "Indexx" figure.
  • Pepsi - Pepsi can transforms into "hyper hoverjet." Includes "Gridd" figure.
  • Timeltel - Clock transforms into "syncro-blaster." Includes "Micronn" figure.
  • Parallax Computer - Desktop computer transforms into the heroes' "strategic weapons base". Includes "Chip" and "Cursor" figures.
  • The sets commonly featured hinged, fold-out parts that revealed a micro vehicle cockpit or command center inside with decals covering the inner walls and at least one chair for the characters to sit in. The figures themselves featured four points of articulation - two in the hips and two in the shoulders. While substantially small, these sets offered a commendable amount of detail in both the figure sculpts and interior decals.


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