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Coen can be a masculine given name, a surname or a place name.


Coen is also an aboriginal Australian name meaning thunder.


As a surname it may be a derivative of the two Irish surnames O'Cadhain (of Connacht) and O'Comhdhain (of Ulster), it could be a Spanish or Italian variant of the Hebrew name Cohen meaning "priest", or it may be a Dutch patronym (see "Given name" below). People with this surname include:

  • Andy Coen (born 1964), American football coach
  • Bill Coen (born 1961), American basketball coach
  • Coen brothers, Joel (born 1954) and Ethan (born 1957), American filmmakers
  • Colin Coen (born 1958), Irish hurler
  • Darren Coen, rugby league footballer of the 1980s
  • Eleanor Coen (1916–2010), American painter
  • Enrico Coen (born 1957), British plant biologist
  • Guido Coen (1915–2010), Italian-born British film producer
  • Jan Pieterszoon Coen (1587-1629), Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies
  • Johnny Coen (born 1991), Irish hurler
  • Kevin Coen (1947–1975), Irish Republican Army member
  • Mario Pirani Coen (1925-2015), Italian journalist
  • Martin Coen (1933–1997), Irish priest
  • Noreen Coen (born 1993), Irish camogie player
  • Séamus Coen (born 1958), Irish hurler
  • Shunter Coen (1902-1967), South African cricketer
  • Wilbur Coen (1911-1998), American tennis player
  • Given name

    The Dutch given name Coen (pronounced /kun/) is, like Koen, a short form of Coenraad/Koenraad, equivalent to the English Conrad. People with this name include:

  • Coen Cuser, 14th-century Dutch knight who founded a house for the poor
  • Coen Dillen (1926–1990), Dutch footballer
  • Coen Flink (1932–2000), Dutch actor
  • Coen Gortemaker (born 1994), Dutch footballer
  • Coen Hissink (1878–1942), Dutch silent film actor
  • Coen Janssen (born 1983), Dutch keyboardist of the band Epica
  • Coen de Koning (1879 –1954), Dutch speed skater
  • Coen Maertzdorf (born 1993), Dutch footballer
  • Coen Moulijn (1937–2011), Dutch footballer
  • Coen Ooft (1920–2006), Surinamese juror, politician and writer
  • Coen van Oven (1883–1963), Dutch painter
  • Coen Teulings (born 1958), Dutch economist
  • Coen Verbraak (born 1965), Dutch journalist and television producer
  • Coen Vermeltfoort (born 1988), Dutch racing cyclist
  • Coen van Vrijberghe de Coningh (1950–1997), Dutch actor and musician
  • Coen Zuidema (born 1942), Dutch chess player
  • Places

  • Coen, Queensland named after the Coen river
  • Coen River, Queensland - named after Jan Pieterszoon Coen in 1623
  • Coen River (Costa Rica)
  • Coen Tunnel, Amsterdam - named after Jan Pieterszoon Coen
  • Coen Tunnel (Mingo Junction), railway tunnel in Ohio
  • References

    Coen Wikipedia

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