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Codename: Firearm

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Team affiliations  The Lodge Aladdin
First appearance  Firearm #0 (Codename)
Abilities  Flame projection
Publisher  Malibu Comics
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Alter ego  James Hitch/Peter Lopez
Similar  Firearm, Elven, Hardcase, Rune, Lord Pumpkin

Codename: Firearm is a six-issue limited series by Malibu Comics for its Ultraverse line and was published in 1995. It was written by David Quinn, with art by Gabriel Gecko.


The series was about an English sleeper agent for the Lodge named James Hitch, who was given a second personality, Peter Cordova, to aid in his cover. Alec Swan, the original Firearm, appeared as a backup story.


A Lodge sniper, James Hitch became Peter Lopez when his personality was submerged as part of Operation: Burial. A mole in Aladdin, Hitch was to "sleep" until activated. While he "slept", Lopez fell in love with Marilu, whom he married and had a son with, PJ.

The systematic assassination of several Lodge agents prompted the Lodge Inner Circle to activate Hitch, who was to determine if Aladdin was responsible. Entering Aladdin's Nevada facility, Hitch was discovered downloading files from Aladdin's mainframe. Killing serval agents to make his escape, Hitch caught a glimpse of a tape of himself as Lopez. The conflicting memories overloaded his brain, rendering him unconscious.

When he awoke as Lopez, he found himself branded a traitor by his superiors. When the Blood Brothers, ultra mercenaries, attacked the facility to rescue their brother, whom Lopez had captured earlier, Lopez escaped with his Marilu, and swore to find out what had happened.

The truth of the matter was that Edwin Mosley ordered the assassinations to start a war between the two agencies, allowing him to obtain the Ultra-Nulifier, a device which erased the memories of those affected by it. Using plans obtained by the Blood Brothers, Mosley was able to create only one Nulifier before the plans were erased.

Tracking down Lopez, the Blood Brothers intended to use the Nullifier on him. Unfortunately, they faced Hitch, who turned the Nullifier on them instead. Hitch then hid the device.

Travelling to England, Lopez and Marilu intended to discover what had happened, and found themselves trapped in Lodge Headquarters as Aladdin attacked in retaliation for Hitch's assault. Switching back to Hitch, he and Marilu narrowly escaped before Aladdin captured the Inner Circle.

Hitch realized that as long as he existed, his family would never be safe from either agency. To ensure no further reprisals from the Lodge, Hitch had them submerge his personality, making him permanently Peter Lopez.

Safe from the Lodge, Lopez and his family were now on the run from Aladdin.

Powers and Abilities

Hitch/Lopez can project flames from his hands which can burn through steel. Both personalities can use this ability, but it only appears during times of stress. Hitch/Lopez is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, but the personality of James Hitch remains calmer under pressure. A marksman, Hitch studied projectile weapons and made undetectable fiberglass weapons.


Lopez used a battlesuit equipped with a targeting visor, communications, and high-tensil armor. It also contained bugging devices and miniature laser technology. The warsuit that Hitch used provided similar protection and targeting devices. It possessed stealth capability, cloaking Hitch, but interfering with his targeting computer.


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