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Years active  1991–present
Record label  Toy's Factory
Origin  Japan (1991)
Genres  Heavy metal, Groove metal
Cocobat Cocobat Encyclopaedia Metallum The Metal Archives
Labels  Sinkie, Toy's Factory, Carnage
Past members  Ryuji Suzuki Shinichi Matsuzaki Tomoda Murochin
Members  Take Shitto, Seiki, Ryuji, Koji, Matsuzaki, Hiroshi, Ryo, Hideki, Suzuki, Masataka Murota, Kame, Kagi
Albums  Return of Grasshopper, I Versus I, Grasshopper
Similar  BACK DROP BOMB, COKEHEAD HIPSTERS, Wrench, Pushead, Husking Bee

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Cocobat is a Japanese heavy metal band, named after Bobo Brazil's finishing move Coco Butt. The band formed in 1991 with four members: bassist Take-Shit, vocalist Ryuji, guitarist Suzuki Shinichi and drummer Matsuzaki. Their first album, Cocobat Crunch, was released in April 1992 on the indie label Sinkie. In August, the band released a second album, titled Struggle of Aphrodite and began a tour of Japan with a number of other bands.


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In 1993, Cocobat switched to Toy's Factory and re-released its original album under this label. Subsequently, the band underwent a series of changes in its line-up. Of the four original members, two left in December 1993, leaving only Take-Shit and Ryuji. 1994 saw the arrival of two new members–Tomoda (guitar) and Murochin (drums)–and the departure of Ryuji following the release of Foot Prints in the Sky. After releasing a fourth album, Posi-Traction, the band dispersed in 1995, leaving Take-Shit as the only remaining member. Cocobat reformed in December 1996 with the addition of three new members–Hideki (vocals), Kame (drums) and Koji (guitar)–and released a fifth album titled Return of Grasshopper.

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Cocobat Cocobat Discography at Discogs
  • Cocobat Crunch (1993)
  • Struggle of Aphrodite (1993/re-released 1999)
  • Foot Prints in the Sky (1994)
  • Posi-Traction (1995)
  • Return of Grasshopper (1996)
  • Tsukiookami (1998)
  • I versus I (1999)
  • Supercharged Chocolate Meltdown (2001)
  • Ghost Tree Giant (2001)
  • Hammerslave-History 10×20 (2002)
  • Fireant Moving Co. (2004)
  • 12 Steps (2005)
  • Searching for Change (2009)
  • DVD

    Cocobat Cocobat Return of the Grasshopper Encyclopaedia Metallum The
  • A Tourist Guide to Cocobat + Michael Brown (2004)
  • Tracks 1-17 taken from A Tourists Guide to Cocobat
  • Tracks 18-30 taken from Michael Brown

  • Cocobat CocobatSpaghetti YouTube
    Cocobat cocobat tsukiookami pv YouTube


    Cocobat CrunchGrasshopper · 1996
    I Vs I1999
    Grab Your Own Shit1996


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