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Club Guy and Roni

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Club Guy & Roni is an international dance company from Groningen in the Netherlands, led by choreographers Roni Haver and Guy Weizman. The company was founded in 2002.


The performances are characterized by collaborations with artists in music, film and theatre and are generally considered to be of modern nature. Club Guy & Roni makes productions that tour through Europe. Since 2009 the company is being subsidized by the NFPK.

Performances from 2005

  • 2005 Language of Walls
  • 2007 Myrrh and Cinnamon
  • 2008 Poetic Disasters
  • 2009 Pinball and Grace
  • 2009 Desert Highway
  • 2009 Heelhuids & Halsoverkop (in collaboration with NNT)
  • 2010 FKK
  • 2010 Four Walls
  • 2010 Alpha Boys
  • 2010 Air Ways (in collaboration with Oldenburgisches Staatstheater)
  • 2011 Miraculous Wednesday (in collaboration with Oldenburgisches Staatstheater)
  • 2011 L'Histoire du Soldat (in Moskou)
  • 2012 Midnight Rising
  • 2012 Modern Love (film)
  • 2013 L’Histoire du Soldat
  • 2013 Romeo et Juliette (in collabortation with Oldenburgisches Staatstheater)
  • 2013 CRASH (in collaboration with NNT)
  • 2013 Naked Lunch (in collaboration with Slagwerk Den Haag and Vocaallab)
  • 2014 My Private Odyssey (in collaboration with TanzMainz, the VOLSAP foundation and the Tomoko Mukaiyama foundation)
  • 2014 Gift for Infinity (RUG), production for the celebration of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (in collaboration with Noord Nederlands Orkest, WERC Collective and media artist Jan Klug)
  • 2015 Mechanical Ecstasy (in collaboration with Slagwerk Den Haag)
  • 2015 Festival Classique, Hofvijverconcert Sparks (in collaboration with the Residentie Orkest and media artist Jan Klug)
  • 2015 Phobia (in collaboration with EN-KNAP (SI) and Slagwerk Den Haag)
  • 2015 Sneeuwwitje (in collaboration with NNT)
  • Club Guy & Roni performs at various festivals, like Oerol, Noorderzon and De Parade, and has performed in the past at the American Jacob's Pillow Festival and the Grec Festival in Barcelona, Spain. Club Guy & Roni could also be seen throughout the years at festivals in Madric, Rome, Tallinn, Berlin, Marseille and Frankfurt.

    International co-productions

    The choreographers Guy Weizman and Roni Haver also get invited by external parties to create collaborational performances. Since 2010, Haver and Weizman are considered 'artists in residence' at the Oldenburgisches State Theater en since then they have co-produced 'Alpha Boys (2010), 'Miraculous Wednesday' (2011) and Roméo and Juliette' (2013). In September 2014 they moved along with the artistic staff of Oldenburg to take up residency at the State Theatre in Mainz.

    In addition, the choreographers have also been working together with the Moscow dance company Tsekh Contemporary Dance Centre since 2011 and have produced a Russian 'L'Histoire du Soldat’. In Tuscany and Belgrado, Club Guy & Roni has also done co-productions, as well as with the Gothenburg Ballet (Sweden), Schauspiel Kölln (Germany) and Carte Blanche (Norway).


  • Russian Golden Mask National Theatre Award in the category Best Ballet Master/Best Choreographer for the in Russia produced version of ‘L’Histoire du Soldat’ (2013)
  • The Swan for best dance production for 'Midnight Rising'. (2013)
  • Igor Podsiadly: The Swan for best Dance Performance for 'Naked Lunch' (2014)
  • Nominations

  • Roni Haver: Silver Theater dance award for ‘Albert and Panja’ (2001)
  • Roni Haver: The Swan for best Dance Performance for ‘Myrrh and Cinnamon’ (2005)
  • VSCD Theatre Award for ‘Heelhuids en Halsoverkop’ (2009)
  • The Swan in the category Best Dance Production for ‘Alpha Boys’ (2011)
  • Russian Golden Mask National Theatre Award in the category Innovation/Best Production for the in Russia produced version of ‘L’Histoire du Soldat’ (2013)
  • Dunja Jocic: The Swan for best Dance Performance for 'Midnight Rising' (2013)
  • Additional projects

    Since 2013, Club Guy & Roni takes in a new dance group every year under the name of Club Guy & Roni's Poetic Disasters Club. This is a platform for young dancers who are about to graduate or who have just graduated. With this project, Club Guy & Roni wants to create a platform for young dancers, so they can get acquainted with the dance world.

    In 2011 Club Guy & Roni initiated the 'Duizend Dansjes Festival', to raise money for the UMCG Cancer Research Fund in Groningen. Eventually, €15.140,- were raised for the Fund.

    Move it! is a participation project from 2011 in which Club Guy & Roni and the Noord Nederlands Orkest teach a group of youths a choreography based on orchestral work.

    Every year Club Guy & Roni organizes the Club Guy & Roni Weekend Break Festival, a festival full of dance, theatre, live music, film and art. Club Guy & Roni seek contact with young, local talents for the production of this festival. The first edition was in 2013 in the Grand Theatre in Groningen.


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