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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Montiaceae
Higher classification  Montiaceae
Order  Caryophyllales
Scientific name  Claytonia
Rank  Genus
Claytonia Spring Beauty Claytonia virginica Flora Pittsburghensis
Lower classifications  Claytonia perfoliata, Claytonia virginica, Siberian Spring Beauty, Claytonia lanceolata, Claytonia megarhiza
Similar  Siberian Spring Beauty, Sweet Cicely, Water‑blinks, Common Purslane, Blue cohosh

2 min tip how when to plant my favorite winter greens mache claytonia

Claytonia (spring beauty) is a genus of 26 species of flowering plants formerly included in Portulacaceae but now classified in the family Montiaceae, primarily native to North America, with a few species extending south to Guatemala in Central America, and northwest to northeastern Asia.


Claytonia The Spring Beauties of the Columbia River Gorge

A number of the species were formerly treated in the related genus Montia.

Claytonia perfoliata, the species for which the term miner's lettuce was coined, is distributed throughout the Mountain West of North America in moist soils and prefers areas which have been recently disturbed. The species got its name due to its use as a fresh salad green by miners in the 1849 Gold Rush in California.

Claytonia Claytonia sibirica Siberian springbeauty Go Botany

Miner s lettuce claytonia perfoliata 2012 07 02


Claytonia Claytonia virginica Virginia Spring Beauty Minnesota Wildflowers
  • Claytonia acutifolia
  • Claytonia arctica
  • Claytonia arenicola
  • Claytonia caroliniana
  • Claytonia cordifolia
  • Claytonia exigua
  • Claytonia gypsophiloides
  • Claytonia lanceolata
  • Claytonia megarhiza
  • Claytonia multiscapa
  • Claytonia nevadensis
  • Claytonia ogilviensis
  • Claytonia palustris
  • Claytonia parviflora
  • Claytonia perfoliata
  • Claytonia rosea
  • Claytonia rubra
  • Claytonia sarmentosa
  • Claytonia saxosa
  • Claytonia scammaniana
  • Claytonia sibirica
  • Claytonia tuberosa
  • Claytonia umbellata
  • Claytonia virginica
  • Claytonia washingtoniana

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    Claytonia Creature Feature Spring Beauty Claytonia virginica college green


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