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Claygate Pearmain

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Claygate Pearmain Apple Dessert Claygate Pearmain Scion gbonlinecouk
Origin  introduced 1821, Claygate, Surrey in England
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Claygate Pearmain is an apple cultivar. It was found at Claygate, Surrey in England and brought to the attention of the Royal Horticultural Society by John Braddick in 1821. The apple was a popular eating apple in Victorian times and spread through England and to America.


Claygate Pearmain Apple Tree Claygate Pearmain

The apple was found by John Braddick, growing in a hedge at Claygate. Braddick also discovered the 'Braddick Nonpareil' at around the same time and place.

Claygate Pearmain Adam39s Apples Claygate Pearmain

This medium-sized apple is brown-russeted with a crimson patch on the sun-facing side. There is pink-silver tinge to the russet scale. It has a nutty aromatic flavour and good keeping qualities, being both disease and scab resistant.

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Claygate Pearmain is self-sterile and requires a pollinator to produce a crop but is a heavy bearer that should be harvested late in the season.

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Botanical name - Malus domestica "Claygate Pearmain"

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Claygate Pearmain Apple Tree 39Claygate Pearmain39 Malus domestica


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