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Class of 1999 II: The Substitute

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Director  Spiro Razatos
Country  United States
4/10 IMDb

Language  English
Class of 1999 II: The Substitute movie poster
Release date  March 29, 1994
Tagline  To graduate is to survive.

Class of 1999 II: The Substitute is a 1994 Direct-to-video film about a new teacher at a troubled inner city school, where students all are affiliated with gangs, drugs, and violence. It was directed by stunt expert Spiro Razatos and starred Sasha Mitchell as renegade teacher John Bolen.


Class of 1999 II: The Substitute movie scenes

The movie is a sequel to Class of 1999 but does not contain many story links to that movie except inserted footage from flashback sequences and a vague reference to previous happenings in the plot.

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John Bolen is the new substitute teacher at a local high school in Bend, Oregon. When he sees some punks ditching class, he confronts them. However, when the lead punk pulls a knife, John uses martial arts to dispatch the students and when a fellow teacher sees the downed punks, John informs the teacher that the punks were on their way to class. Meanwhile, Jenna McKensie is a teacher who is getting heat from the school administration because she had witnessed gang leader Sanders pull a gun on a student. Sanders uses all sorts of tactics to harass Jenna into not testifying against him in court. However, Jenna's boyfriend, Emmett Grazer, tends to be there to chase Sanders away much to the chagrin of Jenna, who feels she doesn't need the protection 24-7. The punks wait in their car until school is over to confront John. John gets the upper hand by chaining the doors so they cannot escape and throws a grenade in the car, causing it to explode.

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When John attends his class, he finds trouble in the form of student Tiller, a local troublemaker. When a fellow student drops a book, John hits the floor and begins to hear gunfire in his head. He finds the book to be Tiller's and sends him to the principal's office. However, Tiller goes to the roof of the school to take a hit of the drug "edge" when John shows up and throws Tiller off the roof. Tiller attempts to hang onto the flagpole, but his hands slip and is hung from the flagpole dead. The next day, Jenna goes out for a jog when she finds Sanders and some of his goons begin to once again harass her. When Sanders leaves his boys to attack Jenna, John shows up in time to save her. Jenna and John soon bond and while sheriff Tom Yost is taking Jenna's report, he notices John sporting a tattoo for Special Forces. When Tom asks John about a military background, John walks away.

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Emmett is in charge of a small military museum and as a military expert, he is planning a friendly paintball competition between the students. John begins to show interest in some of Emmett's military gear but is still hesitant of revealing who he really is. Meanwhile, a mysterious man named G.D. Ash is reporting on the incidents that occurred in Kennedy High School two years ago involving android instructors malfunctioning and killing the students. John and Jenna continue their friendship with John teaching Jenna a bit about military tactics and quotes. To make sure Jenna is safe, John hunts down a member of Sanders' gang and at first, use martial arts before chaining him to a wall and setting him on fire. However, the day of the paintball competition, John wages war on everyone involved and even targets John and Jenna. He kills some troublemaking students and when Jenna is once again confronted by Sanders, this causes John to arrive again but this time seal the deal and kill Sanders and the rest of his gang.

Class of 1999 II: The Substitute Class Of 1999 II The Substitute 1994 YouTube

When Jenna confronts John, John finally reveals he is a military android. When G.D. Ash arrives, he uncovers something interesting about John. John is not an android, but rather the son of Dr. Bob Forrest, the creator of the android teachers who have killed the students at Kennedy High two years ago. John had served in the Special Forces and has suffered from post traumatic stress disorder to the point where he actually believes that he is an android. Instead, John is actually sporting a new brand of body armor, making him impervious to bullets and even blades. When John and Jenna end up in Emmett's military bunker, John intends to kill both himself and Jenna by planting a bomb in the bunker. However, Emmett makes the save and as he and Jenna escape, but John arrives and shoots Emmett. Jenna shoots John in the head causing him to fall back into the bunker. Jenna covers Emmett and declares her love for him as the bunker explodes.

Two days later, Jenna is preparing for school and as she is on the phone with Emmett, opens her shirt to reveal she now sports the body armor John also had, thanks to Emmett having a copy of the armor in his museum. Jenna copies a quote John once said about preparing for battle as she is set to begin her day.


The film was originally to have been called Class of 2001: The Substitute. This becomes evident when the character of G.D. Ash, played by Rick Hill, mentions in his report that the Kennedy High incidents from the original Class of 1999 occurred two years ago.


  • Sasha Mitchell as John Bolen
  • Caitlin Dulany as Jenna McKenzie
  • Nick Cassavetes as Emmett Grazer
  • Gregory West as Sanders
  • Rick Hill as G.D. Ash
  • Jack Knight as Sheriff Tom Yost
  • Diego Serrano as Ice
  • Berny Pock as Dennis Tiller
  • Denney Pierce as punk leader
  • Loring Pickering as high school principal
  • John Cathran Jr. as Monroe H.S. principal
  • Pete Antico as dumb kid
  • Christopher Brown as "D"
  • Eric Stabenau as Ray Buchanan
  • Jean St. James as Ms. Buchanan
  • Renie Millea as teacher
  • Ken Phillips as the substitute
  • Doc D. Charbonneau as punk
  • Phil Culotta as punk
  • Chris Durand as punk
  • Andy Gill as youth
  • Home media

    Vidmark Entertainment released the movie on videocassette in March 1994. DVDs have been released in countries such as the United Kingdom, but there has been no Region 1 DVD release. Currently, the film is available for rental or purchase via Amazon Video.


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