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Clash of the Wolves

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6.1/10 Letterboxd

Genre  Adventure, Romance, Western
Story by  Charles Logue
Writer  Charles Logue (by)
6.7/10 IMDb

Director  Noel M. Smith
Screenplay  Charles Logue
Country  United States
Clash of the Wolves movie poster
Language  Silent English intertitles
Release date  November 28, 1925 (1925-11-28)
Cast  Rin-Tin-Tin (Lobo - Leader of the Wolf Pack), Charles Farrell (Dave Weston), Nanette (Lobo's Mate)
Similar movies  Law of the Wolf (1939)

Clash of the Wolves is a 1925 American silent Western/adventure film produced and distributed by Warner Bros.. Directed by Noel M. Smith, the film stars canine actor Rin Tin Tin, Charles Farrell and June Marlowe. It was filmed on location in Chatsworth, California, at what would later become the Joshua Tree National Park.


Clash of the Wolves movie scenes More than any other four legged actor the dog has achieved a unique stardom with such long lasting box office stars as Strongheart Teddy Lassie

In 2004, Clash of the Wolves was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

Clash of the Wolves movie scenes USA 1925 Directed by Noel Mason Smith Cast Rin Tin Tin Lobo Nanette Lobo s mate June Marlowe May Barstowe Charles Farrell Dave Weston

A fire in the mountains drive a wolf pack into the nearby desert where they terrorize the local residents. The leader of the wolf pack is Lobo, actually a halfbreed (Rin Tin Tin). When the pack is discovered hunting a herd of cows, a posse gives chase. Lobo leaves his pack to lead the posse away. He is injured and found by a local prospector, Dave Weston (Charles Farrell). The prospector nurses Lobo back to health and the two become close friends. Meanwhile, Weston has made a Borax find in the area. His girl friend May Barstowe (June Marlowe), daughter of a wealthy rancher, is pleased. However the local chemist, Borax Horton (Pat Hartigan), actually a claim jumper, plans to steal the claim.


Lobo, wolfdog leader of a wolf pack, has a price on his head. One day suffering from a thorn in his paw, he is found by Dave, a borax prospector and befriended. The animal returns love and loyalty. Later Lobo saves Dave from attacks of a scheming villain, who has designs on Daves claim. Once again the villain attacks the young prospector and leaves him for dead on the site of the claim. Lobo arrives and Dave sends him with a message to town for help. In the meantime a posse is hunting Lobo, but he manages to escape them and at the same time, decoy them to Dave. There, they learn that Lobo is mans best friend.

Exhibitors Trade Review (1925)


  • Rin Tin Tin - Lobo
  • Nanette - Lobos Mate
  • Charles Farrell - Dave Weston
  • June Marlowe - May Barstowe
  • Heinie Conklin - Alkali Bill
  • Will Walling - Sam Barstowe
  • Pat Hartigan - William Borax Horton
  • Similar Movies

    Law of the Wolf (1939). Trailing the Killer (1932). Rin Tin Tin appears in Clash of the Wolves and Rin Tin Tin: Fangs of the Wild. Savage Sam (1963). Max (2015).

    Reviews and reception

    Michael L. Simmons wrote in the Exhibitors Trade Review, that "He (Rin-Tin-Tin) brings to the role of leader of a wolf-pack, an intelligence, a beauty of motion, an impressive cleverness that should find wide favor. He is a spectacle, in my opinion, well worth the price of admission." Simmons went on to say that "It is obvious throughout; every time the human cast stacks up alongside the exploits of the animal players, the latter stands out far ahead in the ability to compel interest." Motion Picture News reviewer George T. Pardy praised the performance of Rin-Tin-Tin, saying; "his work all through is extraordinary and far above that of his average doggish contemporaries in filmland...the thrills are many and pungent, mostly arising from the endeavors to trap or shoot Lobo of folks who know that there is a price set on the head of the kingly wolf." A review in The Film Daily was critical of the film stating, "No doubt the author is chiefly to blame for furnishing a script that is a mixture of dizzy melodrama, burlesque, caricature - anything in fact far removed from reality. Director Noel Smith struggled bravely with it. He deserves credit for getting over the dog sequences with a snap and a punch. The rest of the weak story seemed to have him licked."


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