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Scientific name


Higher classification

Cladonia Ways of Enlichenment Lichens of North America

Lower classifications
Cladonia rangiferina, Cladonia stellaris, Cladonia fimbriata, Cladonia arbuscula, Madame's pixie‑cup

Cladonia parasitica fungi kingdom

Cladonia (cup lichen) is a genus of moss-like lichens in the family Cladoniaceae. They are the primary food source for reindeer and caribou. Cladonia species are of economic importance to reindeer-herders, such as the Sami in Scandinavia or the Nenets in Russia. Antibiotic compounds are extracted from some species to create antibiotic cream. The light green species Cladonia stellaris is used in flower decorations.


Cladonia Cladonia portentosa images of British lichens

Although the phylogeny of the genus Cladonia is still under investigation, two main morphological groups are commonly differentiated by taxonomists: the Cladonia morpho-type and the Cladina morpho-type. The Cladonia morpho-type has many more species, and is generally described as a group of squamulose (grow from squamules), cup-bearing lichens. The Cladina morpho-types are often referred to as forage lichens, mat-forming lichens, or reindeer lichens (due to their importance as caribou winter forage).

Cladonia Cladonia fimbriata images of British lichens

Cladonia perforata ("perforate cladonia") is one of two on the U.S. Endangered Species List, and it should never be collected. It exists only in a few small populations in Florida.

Cladonia httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

Several Cladonia species grow on sand dunes. The presence, and luxuriant carpet-like growth, of Cladonia species is one of the defining characters of grey dune, a priority habitat for conservation under the E.U. Habitats Directive.

Cladonia Cladonia P Browne 1756 Checklist View

Cladonia species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including Chionodes continuella.

Cladonia conoidea fungi kingdom


Listed alphabetically. See below for complete list of species.

Cladonia CNALH Cladonia rangiferina

  • Cladonia apodocarpa
  • Cladonia asahinae – Pixie Cup Lichen
  • Cladonia caespiticia
  • Cladonia cardiosa – Split-leg Lichen
  • Cladonia cenotea – Powdered Funnel Lichen
  • Cladonia chlorophaea – Mealy Pixie Cup
  • Cladonia coniocraea – Common Powderhorn
  • Cladonia convoluta
  • Cladonia cristatella – British Soldiers
  • Cladonia fimbriana – Trumpet Lichen
  • Cladonia gracilis – Smooth Horn Lichen
  • Cladonia grayi
  • Cladonia macilenta – Lipstick Powderhorn
  • Cladonia macrophyllodes – Large-leaved Cladonia
  • Cladonia mongkolsukii
  • Cladonia multiformis – Sieve Lichen
  • Cladonia parasitica
  • Cladonia peziziformis
  • Cladonia phyllophora – Felt Horn Lichen
  • Cladonia pleurota – Red-fruited Pixie Cup
  • Cladonia portentosa – Reindeer Lichen
  • Cladonia rangiferina – Reindeer Lichen
  • Cladonia rei – Wand Lichen
  • Cladonia squamosa – Dragon Horn
  • Cladonia subcariosa
  • Cladonia subtenuis
  • Cladonia turgida – Crazy Scale Lichen
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