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Chutzpa Productions

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Chutzpa Productions Inc. is a producer of documentary films.



In 1999 Igal Hecht created Chutzpa Productions.. To date Chutzpa Productions Inc. have produced and directed nearly thirty documentaries and dozens of television shows and have provided production support for many others.

Chutzpa Productions released films focusing on Messianic Judaism, The Political Jewish Left in North America, Israeli–Palestinian conflict, the Gaza Disengagement, women's rights in Cambodia and additional films.

Documentaries and narrative films produced by Chutzpa Productions Inc have been broadcast in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Some of stations which have showcased the films are CBC's documentary Channel, i-channel, OUTtv, OMNI TV, CTS, IBA, Vision-TV, Here-TV, Channel M and others.


  • 2010: Mystical Mood (In Production), In the Name of the Messiah (in Post-production)
  • 2009: My Unit, Shunned, Faith Singers, 35 Acers, GTP
  • 2008: My Flag, Banished, Shield of Solomon,
  • 2007: In the Shadow of the Messiah, Israeli Night Life
  • 2007: Journey of Miracles, Pride, March of the Living
  • 2006: Disengaging Democracy, Streets of Jerusalem, Before 8(produced by Fist full of fire pictures)
  • 2005: Not In My Name, Qassam, Lessons in Fear (Produced by Tamarack Productions)
  • 2004: The Chosen People, Three, Highway6
  • 2003: Parted, YID
  • 2002: E-llusions (Theatrical Play)
  • 2001: Camels of Nahor
  • 2000: In The Movies
  • 1999: Voices of Israel
  • Film festivals

    Films by Chutzpa Productions have appeared in many Jewish Film Festivals across the World:

  • Detroit Jewish Film Festival (2005)
  • Jewish Eye Film Festival (2004)
  • Jewish Film Days in Jerusalem Festival (2003)
  • New York Jewish Film Festival (2006)
  • San Diego Jewish Film Festival (2009)
  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (2004)
  • Seattle Jewish Film Festival (2005)
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival (2008, 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003)
  • Moving Image Film Festival (2008)
  • Vancouver Jewish Film Festival (2005, 2004)
  • Warsaw Jewish Film Festival (2008, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003)
  • Washington Jewish Film Festival (2004).
  • Appearances at other festivals:

  • 2009: Pan Africa Film Festival, Cape Winseland International Film Festival in South Africa
  • 2008: Rhode Island International film festival, Moving Image Film Festival
  • 2007: Inside and Out GLBTQ Film Festival, Reel Out! Halifax GLBTQ Film Festival,
  • 2006: National Film Board of Canada’s emerging director’s series. Screened at Harvard University.
  • 2005: Ann Arbour Film Festival, Darom Film Festival
  • References

    Chutzpa Productions Wikipedia

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