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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Chrysopinae
Higher classification  Chrysopinae
Rank  genus
Family  Chrysopidae
Scientific name  Chrysoperla
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Neuroptera
Chrysoperla micropicsorgukChrysopidaeChrysoperlacarneasi
Similar  Chrysoperla carnea, Chrysopidae, Insect, Neuroptera, Chrysopa

Rearing green lacewings chrysoperla johnsoni

Chrysoperla is a genus of green lacewings in the neuropteran family Chrysopidae. Therein they belong to the Chrysopini, the largest tribe of subfamily Chrysopinae.


Chrysoperla Chrysoperla Wikipedia

Members of this genus and the genus Chrysopa are very common in North America and Europe. They share similar characteristics and some species have been moved from one genus to the other and back. Their larvae are predatory and feed on aphids and members of this genus have been used in biological pest control.

Chrysoperla Green Lacewing Chrysoperla rufilabris BugGuideNet

Chrysoperla species are sometimes nearly identical morphologically, but can be readily separated based on the vibration signals used to attract mates. For example, the southern European Chrysoperla mediterranea looks almost identical to its northern relative C. carnea (common green lacewing), but their courtship "songs" are very different; individuals of one species will not react to the other's vibrations.

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Chrysoperla carnea common green lacewing

Selected species

Chrysoperla Chrysoperla

New species of Chrysoperla are still being described, particularly since the genus contains at least one cryptic species complex.

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Chrysoperla Wikipedia