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Christos Mouroukis

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Name  Christos Mouroukis

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Christos Mouroukis - Politics from Outer Space (2003, demo-CD)

Christos Mouroukis is a film director and author, born in Italy who has an MA in Feature Film from Goldsmiths University of London. He has directed award winning and internationally broadcast short films. He writes for U.S. magazine Weng’s Chop, and U.S. website Cinema Head Cheese.


Filmography as a director

Godzilla (1998 Short Film)
Sanctuary (Short Film 1998 )
Race with the Devil (1999 Short Film)
Sinners & Saints (1999 Short Film)
Sinners & Saints II: Primal Scream (1999 Short Film)
My Way (1999 Short Film)
Sinners & Saints 3: Jailbreak (2000 Short Film)
Kill to Make... A Movie (2000 Short Film)
Shout at the Devil (2000 Short Film)
Total Motherfucker (2000 Short Film)
Hellas 2000 (2000 Short Film)
Giallo A Grecia (2001 Short Film)
Eurospot (2002 Short Film)
Big Mama (2002 Short Film)
Right to Live (2003 Short Film)
Desperation (2003 Short Film)
The Nervous Girl Will Be Nervous (Until the End) (2003 Short Film)
A Study for Carl Marx (2004 Short Film)
In Bocca Al Lupo (2004 Short Film)
To Savatokiriako tis Aftoktonias (2004 Short Film)
Spooky Nights with Veronica #69 (2004 Documentary)
Mia Gamiola Gata to Flevari (2004 Short Film)
Unholy Ritual – Vae Victus (2005 music video)
Katadioxi (2005 Short Film)
55 Years of Cinematic Pandemonium (2005 Documentary)
O Akis kai oi Alloi](2005 Short Film)
Sanctification (2005 Short Film)
How I Went at TromaFling and Introduced My Films (2005 Documentary)
Monh... Pio Monh (2005 Short Film)
Nonsense Part 1: The Bible of Paranoia (2005 Short Film)
Mia Gamiola Gata to Flevari no2: Gamiola Gata Enantion Likanthropou (2005 Short Film)
Costas the Barberian (2006)
Chicks from Hell(2007 Short Film)
Gamiola Gata 3: H Gata sto Londino (2008 Short Film)
Sanctification 2 (2008 Short Film)
Sanctification 3: Bodies (2008 Short Film)
Nonsense: Part 2 (2008 Short Film)
Nonsense 3 (2008 Short Film)
H Gata Xerei Pou Pane Ta 4 (2009 Short Film)
Gata 5: O Markos sto Diastima (2010 Short Film)
Stelios Salvador, Mora Sti Fotia – Moiraio Karavani (2012 music video)
Grindhouse Burlesque #1: '40s & '50s(2012 Short Film)
Gata 6: O Markos Sinanta ton Sherlock Holmes (2013 Short Film)
Sanctification 4: Porn (2013 Short Film)
Sanctification 5: Storm (2013 Short Film)
Sanctification 6: Guitar (2013 Short Film)
Slay (2013 Short Film)
DeSade – Sex Addicts (ft. El Maroon and MC Cumblood) (2014 music video)
Metamorphosis (2015 Short film)


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