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Christopher Bayer

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Name  Christopher Bayer
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Christopher Bayer (born December 26, 1945) is a licensed New York psychologist and psychoanalyst, specializing in the treatment of financial services executives, and their families, in the securities and banking industries.


Christopher Bayer, Ph.D. The Wall Street Psychologist

Dr. Bayer understands the dynamics of money, control and power obsessions among Wall Street personnel both on corporate and on intra-psychic (personal) levels While money has created civilization and democracy, its function as a tool must be integrated into the psychology of everyday life for the person and their family in healthy ways. He has appeared on numerous American and Canadian Television and radio programs including, “After the Bell” on Fox Business News, Minnesota Public Radio with noted financial writer William Cohan, the Gary Null Progressive Commentary Radio Hour with noted film documentarian Joel Bakan, and CJAD’s “On Call with Dr. Sydney Miller,” for his psychological analysis of financial topics. Dr. Bayer has also been a forensic sex abuse consultant on major cases in elite New York City private schools (Poly Prep Country Day School, Brooklyn, and the ongoing Horace Mann School case in Riverdale).

Early education and career

Dr. Bayer was born in New York City on December 26, 1945. His early training took place at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Clark was the first graduate school in the United States, and the only place Sigmund Freud lectured in this country. Dr. Bayer earned a Certificate of Specialization in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis from New York University Postdoctoral Psychology Program in 1982. Graduate degrees in experimental psychology and clinical psychology were earned at the University of Manitoba in Canada. Dr. Bayer interned at Norristown State Hospital in Pennsylvania, and he completed an intensive externship at the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin. He was an Adjunct Lecturer at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, taught Dream Analysis at the Long Island Institute of Mental Health, and has lectured at the School of Social Work at Adelphi University, Molloy College, and the Henry George School of Social Science. For ten years, Dr. Bayer was the Psychological Consultant at the Highland Preparatory School in New York. He has been a Clinical Supervisor in Yeshiva University’s Psychology Doctoral Program, and he has trained interns and residents in Hillside Hospital’s Psychology Internship Program. Dr. Bayer is also an inventor. Current projects include: a novel credit card payment system, a novel organ donor system, and a human energy system. He and several colleagues are also establishing a consulting firm dedicated to the premise that “Psychology is the Infrastructure of Life” (Trademark Pending) in establishing the human essentials in corporations and business methods.

Money Psychology Work

Dr. Bayer is a specialist in the psychology of money behavior, the history of money, and the mechanics of money management. As a clinician he specializes in the treatment of Wall Street personnel where he focuses on obsessional and addictive disorders in addition to depression and a myriad of self and self-esteem issues. He has also created a family financial tutoring program Money-Mind 101, which explores money matters form a three pronged platform focusing on the history, psychology, and mechanics of money behavior.

Online Projects

He is the founder of The Wall Street Psychologist (WSP), a blog dedicated to exploring the inner life of financial professionals and the culture of Wall Street. He is a co-founder and CFO of The Shareholder Activist (TSA), a blog dedicated to investor empowerment. Both are syndicated globally by Newstex, and The Shareholder Activist is featured on the blog roll of the Harvard Law School Corporate Governance and Financial Responsibility Forum. Dr. Bayer’s financial management training program for young adults, Money-Mind101, has been presented at the Dalton School, the Chapin School, Lyceum Kennedy, the Birch Whaten School, and at many churches and community centers in Manhattan and Brooklyn’s inner city communities.


  • The Wall Street Psychologist’s Gyroscope: Survival Tactics for Financial Professionals in a Money Mad-World (Scheduled for publication in 2014)
  • Life Satisfaction in a Resource Frontier Community (with J.B. Nickels and D.L. Sexton) University of Manitoba and Center for Settlement Studies Press (1976)
  • Articles and Papers

  • Horace Mann: Nearly Forty Years of Sex Abuse and Emotional Tyranny
  • Before Your Very Eyes: Review of Rabbit Hole Ensemble production
  • Shadow of Himself/Revitalizing the Epic of Gilgamesh: Review of Rabbit Hole Ensemble production
  • “How Sour is Your Lemon?” Toxic Product Syndrome
  • Psychological Aspects of Testimony (with K. J. Frank)
  • Impairment of Memory Function by Antihypertensive Medication (with S. Solomon, E. Hotchkiss, S. Saravay, P. Ramsey, R. Blum)
  • Cognitive Impairment and Antihypertensive Medication (with S. Solomon, E. Hotchkiss, S. Saravay, P. Remsey )
  • Preparing Chronic Patients for Community Placement: A Four-Stage Treatment Program (with P. Becker)
  • Geometric Illusions as a Function of the Pigmentation of the Fundus Oculi and Target Size (with A.W. Pressey)
  • Prison Programming and Psychological Consultation (with M.J. Brodsky)
  • Self-Monitoring and Mild Aversion Treatment of Trichotilla-Mania
  • An Explanation of Development Differences in the Successive Trials Effect of the Poggendorff Illusion
  • The impact of Double-Barreled Supervision
  • The Poggendorff Illusion in Schizophrenic Patients (with A.W. Pressey, H. Kelm)
  • Television, radio and media

  • The Gary Null Show, [8] Gary Null,
  • On Call with Dr. Sydney Miller, CJAD 800 AM,
  • New High Finance – Wall St. drug use soars, New York Post
  • The Shocking Statistic About Psychopaths On Wall Street, Business Insider
  • Alpha Males on Wall Street, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, Marc de Guerre, Writer & Director (in editing phase)
  • The Growing Activism of Shareholders, Fox Business News
  • The Culture of Wall Street, MPR News
  • The Sociopathology of Our Oligarchic Elite: A look at abnormal relationship between money, power and influence, PRN.FM
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