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Christoph H. Müller

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Tango music, World music

Years active

2 July 1967 (age 49) (
Stuttgart, Germany

Musician Composer Programmer Sound engineer

electronics bass guitar synthesizer, keyboards

Because Music Ya Basta Records Universal Music Group Groenland Records Wrasse Records

Associated acts
Gotan Project, Roedelius, Touch el Arab, Plaza Francia, Radiokijada, Roy Dubb, The Boyz from Brazil, Stereo Action Unlimited

Music groups
Gotan Project (Since 1999), Plaza Francia, Touch El Arab

La Revancha del Tango, Tango 30, Imagori, Inspiración Espiración, Lunático

Christoph H. Müller (born 1967) is a musician and composer born in Germany and raised in Switzerland.


He is best known as co-founder of the electronica/neotango band "Gotan Project".


As a teenager he is part of different bands, amongst them "Touch el Arab" whose song "Muhammar" became a Top 5 hit in Switzerland in 1987.

After studies at the Universities of Basel and Zürich he moves to Paris to study at "Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales". At the same time he continued music and founded together with Paris-based American singer/songwriter Gabriela Arnon the band "Ten Mother Tongues". They released one album in 1997 called "The Listening Tree".

In 1995 he started a close collaboration with French label Ya Basta records. He released tracks under such names as "The Boyz from Brazil", "Stereo Action Unlimited", "Fruit of the loop" and worked on music for short films, TV jingles and advertising.

In 1999 he co-founded – together with Argentinean musician Eduardo Makaroff and French producer Philippe Cohen Solal – GOTAN PROJECT, whose new form of Argentinean Tango has huge success all over the world. They released three albums :"La Revancha del Tango" (2001), "Lunatico" (2006) and "Tango 3.0" (2010) and did three successful world tours, until the fall of 2011.

At the same time he founded his own production company March:Music in 2004 to develop his other musical projects, like his solo project "Roy Dubb" and – together with Afro Peruvian musicians – the project "RADIOKIJADA", whose first album "Nuevos Sonidos Afro Peruanos" was released in 2009 on Wrasse records. The album garnered rave reviews in the UK and the band played at the WOMAD festival in Reading, being one of the highlights according to The Guardian.

In 2005 he co-composed together with Eduardo Makaroff the original music for "Not Here to Be Loved", a film by Stéphane Brizé and in 2007/2008 the soundtrack for "El Gaucho" a documentary fiction film by Argentinean director Andres Jarach. The composer/producer duo "Müller & Makaroff "was thus born.

In 2012 / 2013 Müller & Makaroff wrote music for a videoclip / shortfilm "Reencuentro" by Argentinean director Pablo Giorgelli (Camera d’or in Cannes for his film "Las Acacias") and for "Evita", a radio lecture by French actress Jeanne Moreau of a script by Pablo Aguero. Also in 2012 he started a collaboration with electronic music icon Hans-Joachim ROEDELIUS (from Krautrock band Cluster). They played live together in Paris and in Lunz (Austria).

In 2014 he released an album of songs written by Müller & Makaroff interpreted by French singer Catherine Ringer from cult band "Les Rita Mitsouko" entitled PLAZA FRANCIA "A new Tango Songbook". The album was very well received as well by the critics as the audience. This was followed by an extensive French/European tour with PLAZA FRANCIA. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/apr/24/plaza-francia-review-koko-london-la-linea-festival

In 2015 a first album of the collaboration with Roedelius – called "Imagori" - was released by Groenland Records.

Albums & EPs

  • 1987 : Touch el Arab "We Believe"
  • 1988 : Touch el Arab "LRK"
  • 1989 : Touch el Arab "Limited"
  • 1997 : Ten Mother Tongues "The Listening Tree"
  • 1997 : Fruit of the Loop "S*xplore (Maxi 12")"
  • 1997 : The Boyz from Brazil "Solidao (Maxi 12")"
  • 1997 : The Boyz from Brazil "Chica Boom (Maxi 12")"
  • 1998 : Stereo Action Unlimited "Hifi Trumpet"
  • 1999 : The Boyz from Brazil (Album)
  • 1999 : Gotan Project "Vuelvo al sur/El capitalismo foraneo (maxi 10")"
  • 2000 : Gotan Project "Santa Maria (Maxi 10")"
  • 2000 : Gotan Project "Triptico (Maxi 10")"
  • 2000 : Stereo Action Unlimited "Lovelight (Maxi 12")"
  • 2001 : Gotan Project "La revancha del tango"
  • 2005 : Radiokijada "Nuevos sonidos afroperuanos part I (Maxi 12")"
  • 2006 : Gotan Project "Lunatico"
  • 2006 : Je ne suis pas là pour être aimé (soundtrack)
  • 2006 : Roy Dubb "Harambe (maxi 12")"
  • 2006 : Roy Dubb "Afro Blue (maxi 12")"
  • 2007 : Les Meilleurs Meilleurs (livre CD pour enfants)
  • 2008 : Soundtrack of the film "El gaucho"
  • 2009 : Radiokijada "Nuevos sonidos afroperuanos"(album CD)
  • 2010 : Gotan Project "Tango 3.0"
  • 2014 : Plaza Francia "A new tango songbook"
  • 2015 : Plaza Francia "Live Re-Experience"
  • 2015 : Mueller_Roedelius "Imagori"
  • Compilations

  • 1989 : TransEuropa: A Swiss-Swedish Techno Sampler
  • 1989 : Stop the Army Vol.I
  • 1997 : Soundtrack of the film "Clubbed to death"
  • 1998 : Soundtrack of the film "Je ne voudrais pas crever un dimanche"
  • 2004 : Inspiracion/Espiracion: A Gotan Project DJ set
  • 2007 : Ya Basta Records: 10 years after all
  • Particularly Gotan Project's music has been released on many, many compialtion albums and has been used in a large amount of feature films and TV series.

    Original music

  • Je n'aimerais pas crever un dimanche (1998)
  • Not Here to Be Loved (2005)
  • El gaucho (de Andrés Jarach), (2009)
  • Au fil d'Ariane (2014)
  • With Gotan Project

  • Tom at the Farm (Tom à la ferme) "Santa Maria (del buen ayre)"
  • Shall We Dance - “Santa María (del buen ayre)” 2001 (http://youtu.be/4u6ycs90YIk)
  • Ocean’s 12 - “El Capitalismo Foraneo” (http://vimeo.com/12067064)
  • The Bourne Identity - “Época”
  • The Truth about Charlie - “Época”
  • Meant to Be - “Época”
  • Knight & Day - “Santa María (del buen ayre)” “Santa María Pepe Braddock rmx” “Diferente”
  • Lies & Alibis - "Santa María (del buen ayre)“
  • Guess Who - “Queremos Paz”
  • Benjamim - “Vuelvo al Sur”
  • Powder Blue - “Amor Porteño"
  • Documentaries

  • El Gaucho (directed by Andres Jarach)
  • with Gotan Project

  • Maradona, Gamin en Or
  • The Take (directed by Naomi Klein)
  • With Gotan Project

  • S05E13 - "El Capitalismo Foráneo” (http://vimeo.com/13851772)
  • S03E15 - “Santa María (del buen ayre)”
  • S01E03 - "Santa María (del buen ayre)“ (http://youtu.be/8hun4fN0R0c)
  • S06E20 - "Queremos Paz” (http://vimeo.com/12913039)
  • S03E09 - “Vuelvo al Sur”
  • S04E05 - “Santa María (del buen ayre)
  • Round Eight - "Santa María (del buen ayre)
  • Round Six -"Mi Confesión”
  • Round Three - “Cité Tango”
  • USA
    1. Top 12 Perform (2011) - “Tríptico”
    2. Top 18 Perform (2008) - “Mi Confesión”
    1. Top 20 (2008) - “Santa María (del buen ayre)”
    1. Top 16 Perform (2008) - "Santa María (del buen ayre)“


    Santa MariaLa Revancha del Tango · 2001
    Una Música BrutalLa Revancha del Tango · 2001
    Vuelvo Al SurLa Revancha del Tango · 2001


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