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Choi Woo hyuk (actor, born 1985)

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Years active

Choi Woo-hyuk smiling while wearing white and yellow striped long sleeves

Full Name
Choi Woo Hyuk (최우혁)

October 28, 1985 (age 36) (

Movies and TV shows
Autumn in My Heart, Empress Cheonchu, An Affair

Lee Ae‑jung, Moon Geun‑young, Han Chae‑young, Won Bin, Song Seung‑heon

한국풍향 최우혁 화보촬영 현장 스케치 영상, Choi Woo Hyuk Making Film

Choi Woo Hyuk (Korean: 최우혁 , born October 28, 1985) is a South Korean actor under Bel Actors Entertainment and was popularly known as the young "Yoon Junseo" in 'hit' Korean drama Endless Love 1:Autumn in My Heart. He debuted as an actor on 1993.


On the left and right, young Choi Woo-hyuk smiling while wearing a blue polo shirt and, at the center, he is wearing a white and red polo


Choi Woo-hyuk wearing a black vest and white long sleeves

Choi Woo Hyuk began acting at the age of eight, debuting in the movie "I Want To Go To The Island". Choi has also appeared in several dramas, but made his big breakthrough in the popular drama Endless Love 1 Autumn in My Heart, with many other Korean stars, such as: Song Seung-heon, Won Bin, Song Hye-kyo and Moon Geun-young. Woo Hyuk was only 15 years old when he played the role of young Yoon Joon-suh.

Choi Woo-hyuk smiling while wearing a black and red checkered long sleeves

After his first success, Choi Woo Hyuk went on to appear in the drama Glass Slippers (2002) playing the character of young Jang Jae-hyuk). He also appeared in the movie No Manners (Conduct Zero)(2002) in the same year.

Choi Woo-hyuk smiling while wearing a black vest and white long sleeves

Choi Woo Hyuk took a hiatus from acting for seven years in 2002. Choi stated in an interview that he wanted to continue his studies and fulfill his mandatory two-year military service. Despite his absence from the entertainment scene, Choi continued to have many loyal fans, called “Woo Hyukolics”.

Choi Woo-hyuk smiling while wearing a black coat and white long sleeves

Six years later (September 2008), Bel Actors Entertainment revealed current pictures of Choi, creating a buzz across Korean websites. It was said that Bel Actors Entertainment revealed the pictures because Choi was slated to play the role of young Seongjong in the historical drama Empress Chun Chu (2009). Notably, Choi performed his first ever love scene with actress Kim Min-ji in that drama.

Choi Woo-hyuk wearing a black vest and white long sleeves

In August 2009, a "Woo Hyukolic" made a fanvideo on YouTube with his co-star from Autumn in My Heart, Moon Geun-young in an attempt get them cast in a drama together once again. On August 5, 2009 the fan video became the “#3 – Most Responded (Today) – in South Korea”. Choi and Moon fan's are still waiting with high hopes.


Choi received a film and theater degree from Chung-Ang University in 2012.


Gif of Choi Woo-hyuk while wearing a black coat and brown and blue scarf

  • 2009- KBS2 Empress Chun Chu
  • 2002- SBS Glass Slippers
  • 2000- KBS The King and Rain (Wang Gwa Bi)
  • 2000 -KBS Autumn in My Heart
  • 1999- MBC Did We Really Love (Uri Jeong Mal Sarang Hae Sseul Kka)
  • 1998- MBC Drop 2 (Bang-u-ri)
  • 1997- SBS Happiness in Our Heart(Shaeng Bo Geun Uri Ga Seu Meh)
  • 1997- MBC Mimang
  • 1996- MBC Temptation
  • 1996- SBS A Full Heart (Man Gang)
  • Movies

  • 2002- No Manners
  • 1998 -Love Affair
  • 1996- Seven Bad (ak ttong)
  • 1993-I Want To Go To the Island (geuseo megago sip tta)
  • CF MV

  • 2000-Je il je dang keom geik
  • 2000-Dong won sa neop (ogo geum nyo)
  • 1998-Nongshim in Capri Sun (Nong Sim Ka Peu Ri Sseon)
  • 1998-Bridge in (Dae Gyo)
  • Music videos

  • 2000 Sadness (Artist Jeong Chol In, Drama 'Autumn in My Heart' Episode 1 CD)
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