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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Cingulata
Rank  Subfamily
Class  Mammalia
Phylum  Chordata

Length  Pink fairy armadillo: 9 – 12 cm
Similar  Tolypeutinae, Euphractinae, Pink fairy armadillo, Greater fairy armadillo, Yepes's mulita

Chlamyphorinae is a subfamily of South American armadillos in the family Chlamyphoridae. Members of this subfamily, the fairy armadillos, are largely fossorial and have reduced eyes and robust forearms with large claws for digging. The subfamily is the sister group of Tolypeutinae (giant, three-banded and naked-tailed armadillos). Chlamyphorinae contains the following genera:

  • Calyptophractus, greater fairy armadillo
  • Chlamyphorus, pink fairy armadillo
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