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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Mammalia
Rank  Family
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Cingulata
Chlamyphoridae uploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons77eTierpa
Similar  Tolypeutinae, Yepes's mulita, Euphractinae, Greater fairy armadillo, Llanos long‑nosed armadillo

Chlamyphoridae is a family of cingulate mammals. While glyptodonts have traditionally been considered stem-group cingulates outside the group that contains modern armadillos, there had been speculation that the extant family Dasypodidae could be paraphyletic based on morphological evidence. In 2016, an analysis of Doedicurus mtDNA found it was, in fact, nested within the modern armadillos as the sister group of a clade consisting of Chlamyphorinae and Tolypeutinae. For this reason, all armadillos but Dasypus were relocated to a new family.


Below is a taxonomy of the extant species of armadillos in this family.

Family Chlamyphoridae

  • Subfamily Chlamyphorinae
  • Genus Calyptophractus
  • Greater fairy armadillo, Calyptophractus retusus
  • Genus Chlamyphorus, Chlamyphorus truncatus
  • Pink fairy armadillo, Chlamyphorus truncatus
  • Subfamily Euphractinae
  • Genus Euphractus
  • Six-banded armadillo, Euphractus sexcinctus
  • Genus Zaedyus
  • Pichi, Zaedyus pichiy
  • Genus Chaetophractus
  • Screaming hairy armadillo, Chaetophractus vellerosus
  • Big hairy armadillo, Chaetophractus villosus
  • Andean hairy armadillo, Chaetophractus nationi
  • Subfamily Tolypeutinae
  • Genus Cabassous
  • Greater naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous tatouay
  • Chacoan naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous chacoensis
  • Northern naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous centralis
  • Southern naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous unicinctus
  • Genus Priodontes
  • Giant armadillo, Priodontes maximus
  • Genus Tolypeutes
  • Southern three-banded armadillo, Tolypeutes matacus
  • Brazilian three-banded armadillo, Tolypeutes tricinctus
  • Cladogram after the analysis of Delsuc et al., 2016:


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