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Chitharal malaikovil

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Affiliation  Jainism
Date established  before 425 AD
Deity  Padmavati
Temple(s)  1
Chitharal malaikovil Chitharal Malai Kovil Kanyakumari District Portal

Location  Chitharal, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India
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Chitharal is a goddess temple situated at ‘Thiruchanattu’ hillocks, located about 4 miles northeast of Kuzhithurai.


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It was built thousands of years ago, but the Jain temple was overtaken by Hindus in the 425 AD. Inside the temple, stone carvings ‘thirucharanam’ was written instead of ‘thiruchanattu'. ‘Charanan’ was the name given to Jain monks. The goddess worshipped there is ‘Thirucharanathu bhataariyar - Pathmavathi’ (belief). 'Parshwanathan' and Mahavira idols are carved in the temple. The scripts written there are in ‘vatta ezhuthu’. It is believed that the 'Vikramaditya Varagunan', the founder of the temple, is the King Vikramaditya in Indian history. A script written there is about the gold ornaments offered to ‘Thricharathu bhataariyar’ by ‘Aaya gunanthangi kuratthikal’, the devotees of Arathanemi bhataariyar (Perakudi) during the 28th ruling year of king Vikramaditya.

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