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Chinaski (band)

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Genre  Pop
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Members  Michal Malátný, Marpo, Pavel Grohman, Ondřej Škoch
Awards  Český Slavík Award for Group
Albums  Rockfield, 20 let v siti, Neni na co cekat, Autopohadky, Dlouhej kouř

Chinaski is a Czech pop-rock group. Between 2005 and 2007 Chinaski won the prize "Anděl" ("Angel Award"), granted by the Academy of Music.



The group was established in 1987 as Starý hadry (Old Stuff), put together by Pavel Grohman and Michal Novotný (later Malátný). Long-time frontman Petr Rajchert and Jiří Seydler joined in 1989; both were classmates of Michal Novotný. In 1994 the band renamed itself Chinaski, after the hero of Charles Bukowski's novels, and released an album with the same name. In September 1995, the song "Pojď si lehnout" (Come to bed) saw the band's first video, directed by Jan Hřebejk.

The second album "Dlouhej kouř" (Long Smoke - 1997) brought the band greater popularity as well as a number of nominations for the Academy prizes. In 1997 Chinaski released their second video "Podléhám" (I underlie), directed by Vladimír Michálek. On the 25 May 1998 Chinaski received a gold record for selling twenty seven thousand copies of the album "Dlouhej kouř".

1. signální, Originál

In April 1999 the first single from the new album was released, "1. Signální" (First Signal). In 2000 Petr Rajchert left and Michal Malátný became the band's new front man. The group was nominated for Group of the Year by the Czech Academy of Popular Music, finishing third. Chinaski recorded their fourth album, called "Na na na a jiné popjevky" (Na na na and Other Lilts). The single "Klára" (Clara) was the 14th most successful track on Czech radio in its first week of release.

In the vote held for the Academy Prize Chinaski took 2nd place behind Monkey Business and ahead of Lucie. Český slavík 2001 - again 5th place, "Klara" is 7th most recorded Czech song of the past year. In September 2002, based on the new album "Originál" (Original), christened by skier Kateřina Neumannová and a band of No Name. Single "Můj svět" (My World) is on premier place of IFPI TOP 40. There was also an animated video for the song "Můj svět". Chinaski starting concert line, which together saw almost 43 thousand spectators.

CD "Originál" is the second in two weeks selling disc in the Czech Republic. In December the same year concert takes place "On Its Own Feet" for children from schools hit by summer floods. New single "Láskopad" (Falling of Love) ensure curiosity in Czech media - two singles Chinaski in the TOP 20. In December 2002, the band received gold and platinum records. In the poll "Český slavík" (Czech Nightingale) Chinaski again occupied 5th place.

"Láskopad" was the 7th most popular Czech song in January 2003. At the 2003 music prizes Anděl, Chinaski won the Song of the Year with "1970". Among other things, the song deals with the generation of Husák's Children. The band is preparing to release a compilation, called "Best of ...". In Czech Radios there is another popular song of Chinaski called "Dobrák od Kosti" (Good Man Throughout). From July to August the band continued to perform at festivals, including a trip to Chicago, USA. In October, based on the selection best of called "Premium 1993 - 2003", christened in the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague. Chinaski in poll "Český slavík" 2003" took fourth place.

Premium 1993 - 2003

The song "1970" appears at the top ranking IFPI. In March 2004, begins with "Premium Best of Tour". It is the largest tour in the band's history, seeing them only play large halls. The concerts were enhanced with projections and light shows. In April, based on the new single "Možná" (Maybe). In June and August runs a summer line Open Air concerts and performances at festivals.

In November, based on children's' "Autopohádky" (Fairy Tales of Cars). The author is Jiří Marek, and their production, in addition to Chinaski participated in the Jiří Lábus and Lucie Bílá. CD contains three fairy tales, as well as 8 new songs. 15 November based on the DVD "Docela vydařenej den". It maps spring "Premium Best of Tour" and represents members of the band. There is new single "Láska a jiná násilí" (Love and Other Violence) too. 9 December ongoing presentation of the two new boards in Prague's Lucerna Music Bar. Český slavík 2004 brings a historic achievement, 2nd place in the category of group and 27th place of Michal Malátný in the category of singer.

Music Bar

In March 2005, Chinaski began a tour of the album "Autopohádky." Chinaski gained some Czech Internet music prizes. They further new CD. The song "Tabáček" (Baccy) is a month from the publication the first song in Czech ether. In September 2005, it became the sixth ordinary Chinaski album entitled "Music Bar". The day after the official placing on the market with the album "Music Bar" became platinum. The first day of the sold 23,000 units. After just week became the best selling disc in the Czech Republic. In November starts the largest tour in the history of the group Chinaski. It culminates with a concert in Prague's T-Mobile Arena. "Music bar Tour" saw an estimated over 70,000 spectators. Tour guest Zuzana Smatanová acquires Slovak "Slavík". 10 December 2005 Chinaski acquired Golden "Český slavík" as well.

On the 30th of January 2006 the album "Music Bar" became a bestselling record in 2005 with 57 506 buyers. Chinaski did not only win in the category of musical groups, but also the overall marketability of the order in 2005. In February they were nominated to the annual cost Academy of Popular Music in the categories of Song, Best Group and the rock album. New DVD is called "Movie Bar" It is a DVD with a track record Music bar Tour and a lot of bonus material.

Chinaski departed on a two-week tour in the United States. In September, the song "Vedoucí" (Chief/Head) was the most played song in Czech radio. Chinaski went to London again. On 28 October they performed in the sellout club Cargo. On 9 December Chinaski won a bronze "Český slavík". After Christmas they left again to the U.S., where they scheduled the next America's club minitour.


The year 2007 started Chinaski concert in Chicago Euro Club, where appeared as a guest Zuzana Norisová. With her clip "Vedoucí" Chinaski fought in the MTV European's World Chart Express. In prices of the Academy of Popular Music "disc of 2006" Chinaski get a prize for most played performer in the Czech radio. Culminates in preparation for the filming of a new disc with a work entitled "07" (the seventh record in the discography of Chinaski). Overall, it is prepared to 36 songs from which to them on a CD appears sixteen.

On 7 July 2007 at 07:07 "Evropa 2" broadcasts a new single "Zadarmo" (For Free) as a premiere. New official fanclub of Chinaski starts too. Chinaski play at Czech and Slovak festivals, including Rock for People in Hradec Králové. After several weeks, the single "Zadarmo" becomes the most played song on radio. 17 September 2007 released a new CD entitled "07"(Zero Seven). This album Chinaski present at the next tour in the Czech Republic. 5 December 2007 tour ends with a sold out concert at the T-Mobile Arena in Prague.


On 25 July Chinaski's drummer - Pavel Grohman died at the age of 38 during a motorbike accident. Chinaski went ahead with their "Space Tour" with David Koller as a special guest on drums.


  • Chinaski, 1995
  • St. hadry, 1997
  • Dlouhej kouř, 1997
  • 1. signální, 1999
  • Na na na a jiné popjevky, 2000
  • Originál, 2002
  • Premium 1993-2003, 2003
  • Docela vydařenej den, 2004
  • Autopohádky, 2004
  • Music Bar, 2005
  • 07, 2007
  • Autopohádky 2, 2008
  • Není na co čekat, 2010
  • Rockfield, 2014
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