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Chilean Primera División

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Country  Chile
Relegation to  Primera B
Domestic cup  Copa Chile
Date founded  1933
Levels on pyramid  1
Level on pyramid  1
Most championships  Colo-Colo (31 titles)
Number of teams  16
Confederation  CONMEBOL
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International cup(s)  Copa Libertadores Copa Sudamericana
Current champions  Universidad Católica (2016 Apertura)
Current champion  Club Deportivo Universidad Católica
Teams  Colo‑Colo, Club Universidad de Chile, Club Deportivo Universid, Unión Española, Club Deportivo Palestino

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The Chilean Primera División (First Division) is the top tier league of the Chilean football league system. It is organized by the ANFP. The league is known as the Campeonato Scotiabank for sponsorship reasons.



As of the 2015–16 season, 16 teams compete in the league, which is split into Apertura and Clausura tournaments.

Relegation and promotion

Currently, the two teams with the worst scores in the complete season (including Apertura and Clausura, but excluding the play-off stage), are relegated to Primera B, and replaced by the Champions and Runners-up of this Division. There is also a Relegation Playoff Tournament, played in a home-and-away basis by the teams that finish 15º and 16° in the First Division against the teams that finish 3° and 4° in the Primera B.

Qualification for international competitions

The champions of the Apertura and Clausura of each season are immediately qualified to Copa Libertadores for the next year. The third Chilean spot in that tournament is used by the team with the highest score in the Clausura regular phase (that is, excluding the play-offs).


In 1933, eight big clubs at that time, namely, Unión Española, Badminton, Colo-Colo, Audax Italiano, Green Cross, Morning Star, Magallanes and Santiago National, founded the Liga Profesional de Football de Santiago (LPF) on May 31, 1933. The newly formed body was recognized by the Federación de Fútbol de Chile on June 2, 1933.

The first edition of professional competition was contested by the eight founding teams and was won by Magallanes after defeating Colo-Colo in a decisive match. In the following year, according to the disposition of Federación de Fútbol de Chile, Liga Profesional returned to integrate with the AFS. As part of the negotiations for reunification, four teams from AFS, namely, Ferroviarios, Carlos Walker, Deportivo Alemán, and Santiago F.C., would join the 1934 professional competition. Moreover, it was also decided that the last six teams in the 1934 competition would be eliminated to form the new second division in 1935. The title of the expanded 1934 edition was again clinched by Magallanes, which won 10 out of the 11 matches that year.

Current teams

There are 16 teams playing in the Primera División, as of the 2016–17 season.

List of seasons

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