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Cherar Kottai

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Original title  Cherar Kottai
Language  Tamil
Publisher  Kamalam Books
Author  Gokul Seshadri
Country  India
4.2/5 Goodreads

Illustrator  Gokul Seshadri
Series  Rajakesari
Originally published  21 July 2012
Preceded by  Rajakesari
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Genre  Tamil historical novels
Similar  Rajakesari, Kadal Pura, Prathapa Mudaliar Charithram, Udayar, Parthiban Kanavu

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Cherar Kottai (Tamil:சேரர் கோட்டை), meaning "Fortress of Chera Kings" is a Tamil language historical novel in two volumes written by Gokul Seshadri. The story is based on the first military conquest of the great Chola King Rajaraja Chola in Kerala at a place known as Kanthalur Sala. Though it is a work of fiction, it is based on extensive historic research and delves deep into present day Kalaripayattu and Varma Sastra.


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Plot summary

988 AD. King Rajaraja Chola is contemplating on a military raid over Kanthalur Sala - a martial arts academy in the Chera Country (present day Kerala). Circumstantial evidences are pointing to the fact that the current head of this Sala, Thirunarayana Bhattadhiri, might have played a crucial role in the brutal killing of his elder brother, crown prince Aditya Karikala - 20 years back. However, the King (Rajaraja Chola) is hesitant to undertake a regular military raid - given the fact that Sala is a well respected university and is attached to a Shiva temple.

Unable to move forward, the king and his royal companions seek the help of a Buddhist Monk by name Mahakasyapa Thera, the head of Bhadaratitta Monastery at Nagappattinam, the erstwhile seaport of Cholas. Upon his instructions, an innovative plan hitherto not adopted by any other Chola king, is considered. Thereafter, the story proceeds at breakneck speed in which the readers travel through the ancient Pandiya and Kerala territories with two young Chola warriors - cherry picked to execute the plan. Unaware of their fate and why they were selected for the task, the two young warriors - Kamban Araiyan and Paraman Malapadi proceed with immense trust in their king and the almighty.

As the heroes reach their destination, the southern tip of erstwhile Tamil Nadu viz Kanniyakumari, they realize that their fates are intertwined and their selection is not arbitrarily as originally thought. Trying to equip themselves for a seemingly impossible task, they have to discover their true self and identity in order to win a competition that will alter their lives - and that of Chola country - forever.


  • Rajaraja Chola(Historical)
  • Rajaraja Pallavarayar(Historical)
  • Maha Kashyapa Thera(Fictional)
  • Paraman Malapadiyar(Historical)
  • Kamban Maniyan alias Vikrama Singa Moovenda Velar(Historical)
  • Amarabhujanga Deva(Historical)
  • Sadaya Mara Pandiya(Historical)
  • Arayan Manabharana(Historical)
  • Renuka Devi (Fictional)(Historical)
  • Thirunarayana Battadhiri (Fictional)
  • Vamanan Namboodhiri (Fictional)
  • Ravidasan Panchavan Brahmadhirajan(Historical)
  • Parameswara(Historical)
  • Publication history

    The story was originally serialized in a monthly web magazine from 2007 onwards. It was stopped in 2010 and was published as a two volume book by Kamalam books in July 2012.

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