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Charles Carneglia

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Name  Charles Carneglia

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Similar People  John Carneglia, John Alite, John A Gotti, Jackie D'Amico, Gene Gotti

Charles Carneglia Top #11 Facts

Charles Carneglia is an American Mafia mobster and Gambino crime family member, known for murdering five persons in New York City. Carneglia was born in 1946 in Queens.

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At the age of 23, he received his first arrest for his part in a conspiracy involving hijacking three trucks in New Jersey, alongside brother John Carneglia and Angelo Ruggiero. His second arrest evolved into murder. After attending Thomas DeSimone's wedding, Carneglia received his second arrest for harassing a waitress, and swore revenge. On March 11, 1976, Carneglia shot Albert Gelb, who was listed as the highest ranking New York State court officer, three times, killing him.

Charles Carneglia Charles Carneglia Gotti gangster notorious for dissolving

During the 1970s, Carneglia became a trusted confidante of John Gotti, who was a rising star in the Gambino crime family. In 1980, Gotti required Carneglia to get rid of John Favara's corpse (allegedly). He dissolved Favara in acid and dumped his remains into the Atlantic Ocean. By the 1990s, Gotti was ready to initiate Carneglia into the Gambino crime family. Carneglia was requested to murder Louis DiBono. On October 4, 1990, Carneglia and other Gambino crime family associates murdered Louis DiBono in his vehicle, at the underground parking garage of the World Trade Center. In return of the murder, he received an initiation into John Gotti's inner circle. Five years later, Carneglia and John Alite were involved in a major conspiracy to murder John A. Gotti.

Charles Carneglia Charles Carneglia Gotti gangster notorious for dissolving

In 2009, Carneglia received a life sentence for several murders and Class-A drug dealing, amongst other crimes.

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