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Channel 74 has been removed from television use in 1983, but was formerly used by television stations in North America which broadcast on 830-836 MHz. In the United States, channels 70-83 served primarily as a "translator band" containing repeater transmitters to fill gaps in coverage for existing stations:

  • WMGT-TV 74 Adams, Massachusetts has now become WCDC-TV channel 19, a rebroadcaster of WTEN-TV Albany, New York.
  • KCCI-TV (CBS Des Moines) rebroadcaster K74CO Ottumwa, Iowa was moved to K23CI channel 23.
  • KTVX-TV (ABC Salt Lake City) rebroadcaster K74AO Fillmore, Utah moved to K40GD channel 40.
  • KFDA-TV (CBS Amarillo) rebroadcasters K74CH Childress, Texas and K74CJ Clarendon, Texas were moved to K50CQ channel 50 and K51CB channel 51.
  • KEZI-TV (ABC Eugene) rebroadcaster K74AJ Cottage Grove, Oregon moved to K56DK channel 56 and later to K42HK-D, digital 42 as part of a group of six local digital repeaters operated by non-profit South Lane Television, Inc.
  • KNDO-TV (NBC Yakima) rebroadcaster K74DT Ellensburg, Washington moved to K31AK channel 31.
  • KNME-TV (PBS Albuquerque) rebroadcasters K74AZ Gallup, New Mexico and K74BO Santa Rosa, New Mexico were moved to K23FE channel 23 (now K23FE-D) and K30FP channel 30 (now K30FP-D).
  • KOB-TV (NBC Albuquerque) rebroadcaster K74AC Bayfield, Colorado moved to K46FM channel 46.
  • KOIN (CBS Portland) rebroadcaster K74BE Hood River, Oregon moved to K53EI channel 53 and later K24KG-D digital 24, operated by Rural Oregon Wireless Television as part of a four-station local repeater cluster.
  • KSAZ-TV (Fox Phoenix) rebroadcaster K74AI Flagstaff, Arizona was moved to K48GI channel 48.
  • KSNW (NBC Wichita) rebroadcaster K74CN was moved in frequency multiple times, ultimately becoming KSNL-LD channel 47.
  • KVBC-TV (NBC Las Vegas) rebroadcaster K74AN Chloride, Arizona moved to K42CQ channel 42 (now K42CQ-D).
  • KREM-TV (CBS Spokane) rebroadcaster K74BZ Milton-Freewater, Oregon moved to K51DF channel 51.
  • KSAT-TV (ABC San Antonio) rebroadcaster K74DP Leakey, Texas moved to K47GF channel 47.
  • KSL-TV (NBC Salt Lake City) rebroadcaster K74DB Little America, Wyoming moved to K29CR channel 29.
  • KVII-TV (ABC Amarillo) rebroadcaster K74BF Canadian, Texas was moved to K35CE channel 35 (now K35CE-D).
  • KWSU-TV (PBS Pullman) rebroadcaster K74CK Lewiston, Idaho moved to K15CH channel 15 (and subsequently to K17JR-D channel 17).
  • WCVE-TV (PBS Richmond) rebroadcaster W74AV Rockfish Valley, Virginia was moved to W39AK channel 39.
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