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Chandralekha (TV series)

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Tamil soap opera Romance Drama

Written by
Saregama Story Crew Dialogue by Bala Thangam

Screenplay by
R.Selva Pandiyan Guru Sampath Kumar

Directed by
Nimesh Shiva.K R.Nandhakumar

Creative director(s)
Prince Immanuels B. R. Vijayalakshmi

Shwetha Bandekar Nagashree GS Meenakumari Jai Dhanush Baby Athina Niharka Sunil Kumar Rishi Saakshi Siva Manaas Chavali Arun Kumar

Chandralekha (Tamil: சந்திரலேகா) is a 2014 Indian-Tamil language soap opera that airs on Sun TV. The show premiered on 6 October 2014. It airs Monday through Saturday at 2:00PM IST. The show stars Shwetha Bandekar, Nagashree GS, Meenakumari, Jai Dhanush, Rajesh,Krithika Laddu, Saakshi Siva, Maanas Chavali and Niharika in the lead roles.


The show is produced by Saregama and is directed by Shiva.K and Nimesh. Shwetha Bandekar and Nagashree GS played the female lead.[1]. The show completed its 600th episode on 30 September 2016


"Chandralekha" is the story of two girls switched at birth. Meena (Meenakumari) gives birth to Lekha (Nagasri) while, Vasundara Devi (Niharika) gives birth to Chandra (Shwetha Bandekar). Due to a child stealing group the children get switched up with Vasundara taking home Lekha while Meena takes Chandra, therefore, only Meena knows about the switch. As the girls grow, Meena continues to watch Lekha while not giving as much attention to Chandra, but changes when Chandra saves Meena from a vehicle crash.

As the girls are fully grown, Chandra works at a newspaper company "Penna Munnai" and is a popular editor, solving problems in society. Lekha who followed the path of her crooked, wicked mother, takes a negative route and covers all her bad deeds with her money. Vasundara hates Meena, due to Meena not being Abirami Ramanathan (Dubbing Janaki) and Ramanathan's (Thyagarajan) daughter and Ashok's (Saakshi Siva) sister. Turns out, Meena was adopted by Ashok's parents before he was born. Greedy Vasundara didn't want any of the family fortune go to Meena so she separated Meena from the family so she could have all the wealth.

Sparks ignite, and Chandra starts to unravel the deeds done by Vasundara Devi and Lekha, resulting in Chandra being their nemesis. Constant eruption occur between the two families.

Currently, Vasundara and Lekha set up a problem to put Chandra's father Azhagu (Rishi) in jail for allegedly kidnapping his bosses daughter. They two achieve their plan's success by using Inspector Sethupathi. Chandra teams up with Sabari (Arun Kumar Rajan), who she doesn't know is a neighbourhood thief, to help her get her father out of prison. Though, tactfully, Vasundara and Sethupathi take the crook (involved in the incident) and lock him up in Vaundara's house, so that Chandra has no chance.

With nothing to do, Chandra decides to take steps into the dark side and uses Sabari's phone and acts as Lekha to make Inspector Sethupathi all the news to her. Chandra makes her first steps to getting the crooks in jail and bring back her father.

Good times had started with Chandra talking her father out of jail and winning against Vasundra, leaving Vasundra in an embarrassed state. In anger, Vasundra chases out her mother and father in law. They soon end up living at Chandra's house. Talks of Chandra's marriage have begun, and Meena has started looking for a jodi for Chandra. Though, cunningly, Vasundra decides to find a rowdy for Chandra and get her married to him so her life will be a living hell. With the help of Inspector Sethupathi, they find Vignesh (Manaas Chavali) who Vasundra decides is the perfect one for Chandra. Meanwhile, Chandra falls in love with Sabari, by being attracted to his helpful and caring nature. The story is building up as will Chandra marry Vignesh or Sabari.

Vignesh in due course finds that Chandra in Vasundharas daughter, thus decides to marry her as she is rich. In meantime Lekha falls in love with Sabari despite him being poor and commits suicide when Sabari doesn't accept her love. Her brain nerves gets weak and doctors advice that she caanot bear any shock or disappointments. Chandra advises Sabari to act as if he loves Lekha to save her life. Lekha gets happy when Sabari accepts her love. Sabari acts as he loves Lekha as per Chandra's instructions. Lekha falls madly in love with Sabari even ends up with huge arguments with Vasundhra who hates Sabari as he is extremely poor and thinks it is a mismatch for her daughter.

Mean time, the editor and Chandra try to bring in a new police officer instead of Sethupathy to investigate Nandhini's case. Sidharth the new police officer is shown as arrogant I know attitude and Chandra hates him initially. However he is sharp and shrewd and finds that Vignesh is culprit. Unable to prove it he is warned for misusing his power. He gets suspended for creating a scene in front of Chandra's house after being drunk. However he finally succeeds in making Chandra believe that Vignesh is the culprit through many efforts. He advises Chandra not to reveal this to anyone as there should be sufficient evidence to arrest Vignesh. Now, Ashok helps Chandra to get married Chandra with his friend's son Sanjay (Jai Dhanush).Now at Siddarth story,his daughter And is again sent to Anbarasu with a warning that Siddarth should marry anyone within 3 months. Now Siddarth's friend Jeeva with the help of Chandra joins as a home teacher for Abi.Chandra's engagement gets fixed with Sanjay.

Title song

It was written by lyricist V.Saravana Raja, composed by the music director X.Paulraj. It was sung by Anuradha Sriram with the right feel which touched people.

International broadcast

The Series was released on 6 October 2014 on Sun TV, the series also airs on Sun TV HD. The Show was also broadcast internationally on Channel's international distribution. It airs in Sri Lanka, South East Asia, Middle East, United States, Canada, Europe, Oceania, South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa on Sun TV. The show's episodes were released on YouTube channel Saregama.


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