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Chamsuri class patrol boat

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Completed  over 100
Chamsuri-class patrol boat
Name  Chamsuri-class patrol boat
Builders  Korea Tacoma Hyundai Heavy Industries Hanjin Heavy Industries
Operators  Republic of Korea Navy  Bangladesh Navy  Ghana Navy  Kazakhstan Navy  Philippine Navy Timor Leste Defence Force
Preceded by  Asheville-class gunboat
Succeeded by  Chamsuri-211 class patrol boat Gumdoksuri-class patrol vessel

Chamsuri-class patrol vessels (Hangul: 참수리급 고속정) are naval boats that function as patrol boats. These entered service with the South Korean navy in the 1970s, and have since seen service with three other navies, of which the Philippine Navy is currently the largest import user.


These boats were built by the Hanjin Industrial SB, Chinhae, and Korea SB & Eng. Masan shipyards.

These boats, also referred to as patrol killer medium "PKM", were built in two batches: the 201 series, and the more heavily armed 301 series. Early PKM 201 series boats were initially armed with one 40-mm Bofors 60-cal Mk.3, one twin 30-mm 75-cal Emerlec EX-30, and two 20-mm 70-cal. Mk. 10 AA. Late PKM 201 boats were armed with one twin 30mm 75-cal Emerlec EX-30 AA, one or two single 20-mm Vulcan gatling AA, and two single 12.7-mm machine guns. The PKM 301 boats were armed with one 40mm 60-cal Bofors AA in a fully enclosed mount, two single 20-mm Vulcan gatling AA, and two single 12.7mm machine guns(before 2nd yeonpyeong sea battle 2×M60 .30cal machinegun.

The Chamsuri class boats are slowly being retired and replaced by Gumdoksuri-class patrol vessel in South Korean Navy.


  • Bangladesh - Titas Class
  • East Timor - Three examples, sub-class unknown
  • Ghana - Stephen Otu Class
  • Kazakhstan - 031 Class
  • Philippines - Tomas Batillo-class
  • South Korea - Chamsuri class
  • In Bangladeshi service

    The Bangladesh Navy operates four PKMs. The first two (P1011 and P1012) were transferred from South Korea in 2000. Another two (P1013 & P1014) entered service in 2004.

  • P1011 Titas (ex-PKM-2??)
  • P1012 Kusiyara (ex-PKM-2??)
  • P1013 Chitra (ex-PKM-2??)
  • P1014 Dhansiri (ex-PKM-2??)
  • In Timorese service

    One naval and two coast guard units were transferred by South Korea to the Naval Component of East Timor's F-FDTL in September 2011, apparently on the basis of a transfer agreement signed in Seoul the previous month. They have been rechristened Kamenassa, Dili and Hera, respectively. Sub-class and original pennant numbers are currently unknown.

  • P1?? Kamenassa
  • P1?? Dili
  • P1?? Hera
  • In Ghanaian service

    One vessel was transferred in 2011.

  • P33 (ex PKM 237)
  • In Kazakh service

    Kazakhstan received three PKMs in 2006. These were purchased for a token amount of $100 per ship.

  • RK-031 (ex-PKM-2??)
  • RK-032 (ex-PKM-2??)
  • RK-033 (ex-PKM-233)
  • In Philippine service

    At least eight PKMs were transferred to the Philippines. The first five, PKM 225, 226, 229, 231, and 235, were transferred in 1995. Four were commissioned the following year, with one (ex-PKM 235) cannibalized for spare parts. Another unit was transferred in 1998. An additional two ships, PKM 223 and PKM 232, were acquired in 2006.

    PKMs in Philippine Navy service are collectively referred to as the Tomas Batillo class, named after Filipino officers and soldiers who served with distinction during the Korean War. These are listed below:

  • BRP Tomas Batillo (PG-110) (ex-PKM 225)
  • BRP Boni Serrano (PG-111) (ex-PKM 226)
  • BRP Bienvenido Salting (PG-112) (ex-PKM 229)
  • BRP Salvador Abcede (PG-114) (ex-PKM 231)
  • BRP Ramon Aguirre (PG-115) (ex-PKM 235)
  • BRP Nicolas Mahusay (PG-116)
  • BRP Dionisio Ojeda (PG-117) (ex-PKM 232)
  • BRP Emilio Liwanag (PG-118) (ex-PKM 223)
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