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Chalk It Up

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Directed by  Elizabeth Boakye
Cinematography  Hisonni Johnson
Music by  Chad Cannon
Produced by  Ashley Curley Brooke Buffington Nicole Flores Brent Klaus Eric Stefan Martin Karen E. Martin
Written by  Brooke Buffington Maddy Curley
Starring  Maddy Curley John DeLuca Nikki SooHoo Drew Seeley Julie Warner Thomas Fowler

Chalk It Up is a 2016 indie gymnastic film directed by award winning director and former gymnast, Hisonni Johnson. The film stars Maddy Curley, John DeLuca, Nikki SooHoo, Drew Seeley, Julie Warner, and Thomas Fowler.



Apple is a fashion forward girl enrolled in one of the most prestigious academic universities in the country. She's there for one thing only: to get her M-R-S. That's right, she wants a ring on her finger, not only to please her crazy mom, but for the happiness she thinks it'll bring her. Todd is the man she's after. Unfortunately, Todd's rugby team gets the axe due to breaking Title 9 with the NCAA, and he quickly moves to Oxford, hoping the international exposure will help his career. Apple makes it her mission to reinstate the rugby team and decides to build a women's gymnastics team. Unfortunately, there are NO gymnasts at Greene! She forms a make shift team out of a bunch of misfit athletes. Finally, Todd returns and BAM, dumps Apple. Crushed, she abandons the team and searches for her new man, ruffling the feathers of the athletic director, and upsetting her teammates. Through this unfortunate turn of events, Apple discovers there might be more to life than finding a husband.


  • Maddy Curley as Apple
  • John DeLuca as Chet
  • Nikki SooHoo as Cali
  • Drew Seeley as Todd
  • Julie Warner as Dean York
  • Thomas Fowler as Preston Kelly
  • Nicholas Gonzalez as CIA Interviewer
  • Tarah Paige as Emily
  • Rachele Brooke Smith as Angelina
  • Svetlana Boginskaya as Coach Baryshova
  • Krista Jasper as Cashew
  • Molly Gardner as Tanya
  • David Wilson Page as Mike
  • Cecile Garcia as Skylar
  • Jen Hansen as Becky
  • Production

    Principal photography began on September 3, 2014. The movie was shot in 12 days.


    The movie was made available for pre-ordering from August 25, 2016 on iTunes. The movie was released on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play on September 13, 2016.


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