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Chainat Province

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Country  Thailand
Area  2,469.7 km2
Capital  Chai Nat (town)

Chai Nat (Thai: ,  ) is one of the central provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are (from north clockwise) Nakhon Sawan, Sing Buri, Suphan Buri, and Uthai Thani.


Map of Chainat Province


Chainat Province Beautiful Landscapes of Chainat Province

Chai Nat is on the flat river plain of central Thailands Chao Phraya River valley. In the south of the province the Chao Phraya Dam (formerly Chainat Dam) impounds the Chao Phraya River, both for flood control as well as to divert water into the countrys largest irrigation system for the irrigation of rice paddies in the lower river valley. The dam, part of the Greater Chao Phraya Project, was finished in 1957 and was the first dam constructed in Thailand.


Chainat Province in the past, History of Chainat Province

Originally the city was located at Sankhaburi. In the reign of King Mongkut (Rama IV) the main settlement of the province was moved to its present-day location. During the wars with the Burmese it was an important military base for confronting the Burmese Army. As all these confrontations were successful the city gained the name Chai Nat, which means "plangent victory".


Chainat Province Tourist places in Chainat Province

Chai Nat Bird Park (???????????) This sanctuary has the biggest aviary in Asia (26 rai; 4.2 hectares) allowing various bird species to live in their natural habitat.

Chainat Province Tourist places in Chainat Province

Wat Thammamun Worawihan (??????????????????) The temple enshrines Luangpho Thammachak, a standing Buddha image in a posture of persuading relatives not to quarrel, with a lotus-shaped base. Another attraction is the boundary marker, which is made from red sandstone in the Ayutthayan style, around the ordination hall or Phra Ubosot.

Wat Phra Borommathat Worawihan (????????????????????) There is an old pagoda in the U Thong style housing Lord Buddhas relics highly worshipped by people from Chainat and other neighbouring provinces. The annual fair to worship the Lord Buddhas relics are held during the full moon day of the sixth lunar month.

Chai Nat Muni National Museum (????????????????????? ??????????) This archaeological museum is a 2-storey adapted Thai-style building. Downstairs displays celadon Buddha images, tools, and ornaments from the Dvaravati to Rattanakosin period. While upstairs displays various Buddhist votive tablets from the Dvaravati to Rattanakosin period.

Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao or Wat Luangpu Suk (??????????????????? ???? ?????????????) This shady temple offers pleasant scenery and is famous for Buddha amulets. Other attractions are Luangpu Suk’s traditional Thai style residence, as well as, the mural paintings depicting the story of the Lord Buddha made by H.R.H. the Prince of Chumphon and his entourage.

Wasan Crocodile Farm (?????????????????) It is located at No. 121, Mu 3, Tambon Makham Thao. There are different kinds of animals such as crocodiles, tigers, rays, and various bird species.

Wat Intharam (??????????? (????)) This century-old temple features outstanding attractions like the twin belfries, century-old Chinese pavilion, and an 8 x 9-metre Thai-architectural scripture hall built in the middle of a pond.

Chao Phraya Dam (???????????????) is The nation’s first large dam. Water is released from the northern region to the central lower basin and the Gulf of Thailand for the purposes of irrigation, agriculture, conservation of marine animals, and generating hydroelectric power for the province.

Wat Karuna (????????) This temple houses Chainats largest sandstone Buddha image named Phra Phutthamaha Sila or Luangpho Hin Yai, which is highly revered by the local people.

Khun San Statue (??????????????????) Khun San or Hero of the Noi River is one of the Bang Rachan folk leaders who fought courageously 7 times against the Burmese. He was the first volunteer from Amphoe Sankhaburi dating back 223 years ago.

Wat Phra Mahathat (?????????????) is the royal temple of Mueang Phraek or Mueang San. The temple houses a distinguished prang with a fluted spire like the shape of a star fruit. The prang housing Lord Buddha’s relics is made from brick on a square shaped base (a plinth) in the Lop Buri style.

Wat Song Phi Nong (?????????????) Legend has it that Chao Sam, one of the three siblings, incited the other two siblings named Chao Ai and Chao Yi against each other for the throne. Both Chao Ai and Chao Yi died and Chao Sam became the ruler. Chao Sam then built one prang and one chedi for his late brothers.

Wat Phra Kaeo (??????????) is another ancient temple housing a beautiful square-based stupa. In front of the stupa stands a Buddha image hall known as Wihan Luangpho Chai, where a delicately carved sandstone lintel was found at the back of the image.

Monkey Park (??????) The temple houses rubber plantations and is home to a number of monkeys. Its pleasant area next to the Noi River houses a much revered Luangpho Thao Buddha image.

Wat Klai Kangwon (???????????) or Khao Saraphat Si Charoen Tham (?????????????????????) On top of the hill sees ruins of an ordination hall and the Lord Buddha’s footprints, as well as, a panoramic view of the area. There is the annual Tak Bat Devo ceremony, which literally means offering of food to Buddhist monks.

Wat Phichaiyanawat (Wat Ban Chian) (?????????????) (????????????) The ordination hall or Phra Ubosot built in the middle of the pond enshrined the principle Buddha image of Luangpho To, which is in the posture of accepting offerings from an elephant and a monkey.



Chainat Province Festival of Chainat Province

Straw Bird Fair, Chainats Product Fair and Red Cross Fair (?????????????????????????? ???????? ????????????????????????) This annual fair is organized by making good use of straw, a by-product in rice farming. Various species of huge straw birds will come perching on elaborately decorated floats during the straw bird procession and the competition is held in front of Chainat City Hall. The event is held annually during Chinese New Year in February.

Chainat Province Festival of Chainat Province

Chainat Pomelo Fair (??????????????) Chainat is one of several provinces famous for producing exceptional pomelo. The best known are of the Khao Taengkwa variety having a well-rounded shape, smooth skin, thin peel, sweet-crispy taste and a little sour, but not bitter. The fair is held during late August - early September in front of Chainat City Hall and features many activities such as pomelo contest, varieties of exhibitions by provincial authorities, and young shoot and pomelo sales.


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