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Chōgattai Majutsu Robo Ginguiser

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Directed by  Masami Anno
Music by  Seiji Yokoyama
Original network  TV Asahi
Number of episodes  26
Genre  Mecha Anime
Produced by  Akira Hatta
Studio  Nippon Animation
Network  TV Asahi
Written by  Sōji Yoshikawa
Chōgattai Majutsu Robo Ginguiser httpsmyanimelistcdndenacomimagesanime751
Original run  April 9, 1977 – October 22, 1977.
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Ginguiser (Japanese: 超合体魔術ロボギンガイザー, Hepburn: Chōgattai Majutsu Robo Gingaizā) is a Japanese mecha anime television series produced by Nippon Animation. It ran from April 9 to October 22, 1977.



The three "Spheres of Anderes" were artifacts created by the people of the alien empire of Sazoriani. These spheres were created 20,000 years ago to concentrate the energy of the constellation Scorpius and defeat Plasmani, another alien race, whom they held a long space war that was ended right on Earth. However, in order to retrieve the missing spheres, the Sazoriani led an invasion force of huge mechanical monsters to Earth. To combat the invaders, Dr. Godo, the last descendant of the alien race Plasman, built the mecha Ginguiser and entrusted the four robot that combined into it (Spin Lancer, Grand Fighter, Bull Gator and the aircraft Air Roin) to four children respectively: Goro Shigoron, Miki Akitsu, Torajiro Haranami and Zanta. The four, who toured around the world with their traveling magic show, also had real magical powers (the "point barrier") and therefore capable of controlling Ginguiser to stop the alien threat.


  • Goro Shirogane: Leader of the team, Goro owed his life to Dr. Godo, who saved his life years ago during a plane crash. Later the Doctor gave him the teachings necessary to use the technique of "point barrier".
  • Miki Akitsu: The only girl in the group, she assisted in Goro's traveling magic shows as a presenter and also the co-pilot of Grand Fighter.
  • Torajiro Aranami: The awkward but robust pilot of Bull Gator, although he was often forced to stay behind to improve their skills.
  • Zanta Minami: Pilot of the Spin Lancer. He often companied Tora at the base of Dr. Godo, but never failing to prove his worth in combat.
  • Dr. Godo: The Eminent scientist who was the head Ginguiser (Castle of Magic) and main pilot of the powerful robot. He was the last descendant of the ancient people of Plasmani that came to Earth to fight the Sazoriani 20 thousand years ago. Thanks to his skill in magic, he defended peace of the planet along with his team.
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