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Centromere protein B

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Aliases  CENPB, entrez:1059
Human  Mouse
Ensembl  ENSG00000125817
Species  Human
Entrez  1059
Centromere protein B
External IDs  OMIM: 117140 MGI: 88376 HomoloGene: 1370 GeneCards: CENPB

Centromere protein B also known as major centromere autoantigen B is an autoantigen protein of the cell nucleus. In humans, centromere protein B is encoded by the CENPB gene.



Centromere protein B is a highly conserved protein that facilitates centromere formation. It is a DNA-binding protein that is derived from transposases of the pogo DNA transposon family. It contains a helix-loop-helix DNA binding motif at the N-terminus, and a dimerization domain at the C-terminus. The DNA binding domain recognizes and binds a 17-bp sequence (CENP-B box) in the centromeric alpha satellite DNA. This protein is proposed to play an important role in the assembly of specific centromere structures in interphase nuclei and on mitotic chromosomes. It is also considered a major centromere autoantigen recognized by sera from patients with anti-centromere antibodies.

Clinical significance

Centromere protein B is a potential biomarker of small-cell lung cancer.


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