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Kingdom  Plantae
Scientific name  Centranthus
Rank  Genus
Family  Caprifoliaceae
Higher classification  Valerianaceae
Order  Dipsacales
Centranthus 1000 images about Centranthus on Pinterest Gardens Hummingbirds
Lower classifications  Centranthus ruber, Centranthus trinervis, Centranthus amazonum

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Centranthus is a flowering plant genus comprising herbs and subshrubs native to Southern Europe. It is in the Caprifoliaceae family. There are about twelve species in the genus. Some Centranthus are known as introduced species in other parts of the world, including Centranthus ruber in the western United States and Centranthus macrosiphon in Western Australia.


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Species include:

  • Centranthus amazonum Fridlender & A.Raynal
  • Centranthus angustifolius (Mill.) DC. - narrow-leaved valerian
  • Centranthus calcitrapa (L.) Dufr.
  • Centranthus lecoqii Jord.
  • Centranthus longiflorus Steven
  • Centranthus macrosiphon Boiss. - long-spurred valerian
  • Centranthus nevadensis Boiss.
  • Centranthus ruber (L.) DC. - red valerian
  • Centranthus trinervis (Viv.) Bég.

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    Centranthus ruber jupiters beard deadheading

    Centranthus 1000 images about on Pinterest


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