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Cem Adrian

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Origin  Edirne, Turkey
Name  Cem Adrian
Instruments  Vocals, keyboards
Role  Singer-songwriter
Years active  2003-present
Education  Bilkent University

Cem Adrian

Born  November 30, 1980 (age 35) (1980-11-30)
Occupation(s)  Singer-songwriter, author, producer, director
Labels  UJR Productions, M2K Productions
Genres  Avant-garde music, Alternative rock
Albums  Kayip Cocuk Masallari, Seker Prens ve Tuz Kral, Siyah Bir Veda Opucugu, Essentials / Seckiler, Cam Havli

Cem Adrian-Mutlu Yıllar (cover)

Cem Adrian (born 30 November 1980.) is a Turkish singer-songwriter, author, producer and director. He is known for his ability to sing from bass to soprano, as his vocal cords are three times the length of an average person's.


Early life and education

Cem Adrian Istanbul Ekspres festival brings Turkish music to Ghent

Born as Cem Filiz in Edirne, Turkey, he started his musical studies and released his first recordings during his secondary school terms.


Adrian started his career in radio publishing at eighteen, and continued for about six years. At the same time he studied theatre and photography and recorded about 250 of his own songs at the studios of a radio station where he used to work.

Cem Adrian Cem Adrian

In 2003, he performed as the singer and dancer of the ethnic music band "Mystica" which he founded, in Istanbul. In the autumn of 2004, he started his education as a "special student" at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Bilkent University, at the invitation of Fazil Say.

In February 2005, Adrian released his first album Ben Bu Sarkiyi Sana Yazdim. This album includes the songs which Adrian had recorded by himself between 1997 and 2003 in Edirne, and the live recordings of his first academic performance with Fazil Say. This demo album achieved sales of 16,000 copies.

He performed in a series of concerts which started with "Babylon" in 2005 in Istanbul, and continued with the premiere of the Hamburg Music Season with the Bremen Jazz Festival, including Fazil Say and Burhan Ocal.

In 2006, he started working on his second self-produced album, which was published in November 2006 by the name Aşk Bu Gece Şehri Terk Etti.

In 2008 he released two albums, Essentials / Seçkiler and Emir, and produced the music for Abdullah Oğuz's film Sıcak, where he also played the role of a young imam.


Adrian has released five albums. The first, Ben Bu Şarkıyı Sana YazdımI Wrote This Song To You, was released in 2005. He released his second, Aşk Bu Gece Şehri Terk EttiLove Has Left the City Tonight, the following year. After a gap of a year he released two more, Essentials / Seçkiler, Emir (Order) in 2008 and Kayıp Çocuk MasallarıLost Fairy Tales in December 2010.

  • Ben Bu Şarkıyı Sana Yazdım (I Wrote This Song To You) (2005)
  • Aşk Bu Gece Şehri Terk Etti (Love Has Left The City Tonight) (2006)
  • Essentials / Seçkiler (Essentials) (2008)
  • Emir (The Behest) (2008)
  • Kayıp Çocuk Masalları (Lost Children Fictions) (2010)
  • Siyah Bir Veda Öpücügü (A Black Farewell Kiss) (2012)
  • Şeker Prens ve Tuz Kral (The Sugar Prince and The Saline King) (2013)
  • Cam Havli (2014)
  • Sana bunları hiç bilmediğin bir yerden yazıyorum (2014)
  • Guest Appearances

  • Made In Turkey Vol. IV (selection)
  • Al Fadimem (folk song, from album Essentials)
  • Lora: Bir Kadının Portresi
  • Sis
  • Artun Ertürk & Diplomatik Rock Opera
  • Sevgisizlik
  • Tetik: Ta Kendisi
  • Beş kişi arabada
  • Soner Canözer & Prag Filarmoni Orkestrası: Masalcı’nın On Beş Yılı (2009)
  • Kaf Dağının Ardında
  • Fazıl Say featuring Güvenç Dağüstün, Burcu Uyar and Selva Erdener
  • İnsan İnsan
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