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Celery powder

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Myth the use of celery powder to cure some meats is misleading

Celery powder is a dried, ground concentrate prepared from fresh celery that is used as a seasoning and as a food preservative in organic meat products. Several commercial preparations exist, and it can also be made using a food dehydrator. Some celery powders are prepared from celery juice.


Celery powder Celery Juice Powder

How to make celery powder all natural flavor enhancer

Meat preservative

Celery powder How to Make Your Own Celery Powder The Humbled Homemaker

Celery powder contains a significant amount of naturally occurring nitrate. In the United States, celery powder is sometimes used as a food preservative in organic meat products, which is allowed per USDA regulations because the nitrate is naturally occurring. USDA regulations do not allow nitrate to be used directly in organic food products. Meats preserved with celery powder include hot dogs and bacon. Celery powder prepared from celery juice has been shown to have a nitrate content of approximately 2.75%.

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