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Caytonia nathorstii

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Kingdom  Plantae
Order  Peltaspermales
Genus  Caytonia
Division  Pteridospermatophyta
Family  Caytoniaceae
Species  C. nathorstii
Caytonia nathorstii
Similar  Sagenopteris phillipsii, Caytoniales, Pteridospermatophyta

Caytonia nathorstii is an extinct species of seed ferns.



Caytonia has berry like cupules with numerous small seeds arrayed along axes

Whole plant reconstructions

Different organs attributed to the same original plant can be reconstructed from co-occurrence at the same locality and from similarities in the stomatal apparatus and other anatomical peculiarities of fossilized cuticles.

  • Caytonia nathorstii may have been produced by the same plant as Caytonanthus arberi (pollen organs) and Sagenopteris phillipsii (leaves).
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