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Causey Reservoir

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Type  reservoir
Surface area  142 acres (57 ha)
Surface elevation  1,737 m
Mean depth  20 m
Inflow source  Ogden River
Basin countries  United States
Average depth  65 ft (20 m)
Area  57 ha
Outflow location  Ogden River
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Primary inflows  South Fork of the Ogden River
Primary outflows  South Fork of the Ogden River

Causey Reservoir is a reservoir located 15 miles (24 km) northeast of Ogden, Utah, United States just off Utah State Route 39.


Map of Causey Reservoir, Utah 84317, USA


Causey is a 142-acre (0.57 km2) surface area reservoir on the South Fork of the Ogden River. It is a feature of the Weber Basin Project, and lies at an elevation of about 5,700 feet (1,700 m). The reservoir has a maximum depth of 182 feet (55 m) and a mean depth of 65 feet (20 m).

Causey is located in steep, forested, valley terrain, and extends into three canyons.

Management for the reservoir is under jurisdiction of the U.S. Forest Service, Wasatch-Cache National Forest.


Causey Dam was constructed between 1962 and 1966 by the Bureau of Reclamation to provide water to the northern Wasatch front area of Utah. It is an earthfill dam.


Activities at Causey Reservoir include boating and fishing. There are no dedicated boat-launch facilities, and only wake-less speeds are allowed. Fishing includes several trout varieties, including rainbow, cutthroat, and brown.

Swimming and cliff-jumping are also popular.

Camping and picnic sites are available at nearby Memorial Park, and along the Ogden River.

Camp Kiesel, a Boy Scout camp, is located on the northern arm of the reservoir.


Causey Reservoir Wikipedia

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