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Cattleya warscewiczii

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Orchidaceae
Tribe  Epidendreae
Scientific name  Cattleya warscewiczii
Rank  Species
Order  Asparagales
Subfamily  Epidendroideae
Subtribe  Laeliinae
Higher classification  Cattleya orchids
Cattleya warscewiczii s6postimgorg4dnbl02m9CwarscewicziismallAjpg
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Orchidweb cattleya warscewiczii coerulea angarita x self

Cattleya warscewiczii (The "Warscewicz's Cattley's orchid"), a labiate Cattleya, is a species of orchid.


It was first collected by J√≥zef Warszewicz in Colombia in 1848-49 and formally described by Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach in 1855. C. warscewiczii exhibits a typical Cattleya sympodial habit. Pseudobulbs are 8-16" (20-40 cm) long, unifoliate, cylindrical or cigar-shaped, grooved. Flowers are 7-11" (17.5-27.5 cm) across, largest in the genus, showy, fragrant. In culture the flowering is in summer on that year`s spring growth. Strong light and good air movement are required.

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The diploid chromosome number of C. warscewiczii has been determined as 2n = 40; the haploid chromosome number as n = 20.

C. warscewiczii hybridizes naturally with C. aurea / dowiana, producing C. x hardyana. C. warscewiczii has also been used extensively in Cattleya hybridization, to produce large-flowered hybrid Cattleyas.

Cattleya warscewiczii Cattleya warscewiczii coerulea 39Angarita39 x self presented by

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Cattleya warscewiczii Cattleya warscewiczii var sanderiana 39Pink Geisha39 presented by
Cattleya warscewiczii Cattleya warscewiczii 39Columbo Sanderiana39 presented by Orchids Limited
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Cattleya warscewiczii OrchidWeb Cattleya warscewiczii coerulea 39Angarita39 x self YouTube


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