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Carnal Diafragma

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Years active  1997 (1997)–present
Genres  Goregrind, Grindcore
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Members  Milan "Milaňo" Jaňák Robert "Rožan" Rožanski David "Sabon" Sněhota Libor "Porky" Philipp
Origin  Ostrava, Czech Republic (1997)
Albums  Preparation of the Daddy's Steak, Space Symphony Around Us, Planet of Children's Heads
Record labels  Lecter Music Agency, Khaaranus Productions
Associated acts  Napalm Death, Gut, Cock and Ball Torture
Similar  Jig‑Ai, Gutalax, Ahumado Granujo, Rompeprop, Last Days of Humanity

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Carnal Diafragma is a Goregrind band from the Czech Republic formed in 1997 in Ostrava.


Carnal diafragma planet of children s heads full album goregrind


Carnal Diafragma was formed in Ostrava in 1997 by Robert Rožanski - guitar / vocals, Milan Janak - voice and Michal "Kameň" Kaminski - battery. The band played noise/grind, and sometimes touching on themes of gender Pornogrind gradually evolved into more serious Goregrind. At this time Lukáš "Stezi" Stejskal - bass joined the band but later came out and in 2000 David "Sabon" Snehota - under it replaced. In 2001 Stezi returned and the band recorded their first album "Preparation of Patients for the Examination" which was edited by Khaaranus Production. In 2002 the band recorded their MD "Daddy's Steak" and split 7 "EP with the German band Ulcerrhoea. Then Stezi definitely left the band. In 2006 Carnal Diafragma recorded her second album "Space Symphony Around U" which was edited by Lecter Music Agency and soon became known worldwide mainly thanks to video "Teletrambus". Then Kameň left the band for personal problems and was replaced by Ondřej "Prune" Podešva. In 2009 David and Pode left the band and their replacements were Libor "Porky" Philipp - drums with brother David Martin "Sabon" Snehota - bass. The band recorded their third album "Planet of Children's Heads", Martin left the band and returned David. Carnal Diafragma has participated in many compilations and split CDs and tapes with various bands. They have played many concerts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands and Portugal.

Current members

  • Milan "Milaňo" Jaňák - vocals
  • Robert "Rožan" Rožanski - guitar
  • David "Sabon" Sněhota - bass
  • Libor "Porky" Philipp - drums
  • Past members

  • Michal "Kameň" Kaminski - drums
  • Lukáš "Stezi" Stejskal - bass
  • Ondřej "Pode" Podešva - drums
  • Martin "Sabon" Sněhota - bass
  • Albums

  • 2001 - Preparation of the Patients for Examination
  • 2006 - Space Symphony Around Us
  • 2011 - Planet of Children´s Heads
  • Others

  • 1998 - We cut your head and fuck your neck (demo)
  • 1998 - 3-way split w/ Pissed Cunt/Rabies (cassette)
  • 1999 - Live in Havířov (live demo)
  • 2001 - Comeback of Goregods - Tribute to Regurgitate (compilación CD)
  • 2001 - split w/ P.I.T. (cassette)
  • 2003 - split w/ Ulcerrhoea (7"EP)
  • 2003 - Amore Mio (6-way split cassette)
  • 2003 - Tribute to Gut (compilación CD)
  • 2004 - split w/ Bizarre Embalming (split mini CD)
  • 2004 - Daddy´s Steak (cassette)
  • 2004 - split w/Pulmonary Fibrosis (CD-R)
  • 2005 - Hardcore Metal Punk Forever (compilación DVD)
  • 2007 - Splatter Fetish - 100 Way Cumpilation
  • 2008 - Preparation of the Daddy´s Steak (re-edición CD+Daddy´s Steak)
  • Songs

    Human MonsterSpace Symphony Around Us · 2006
    TeletrambusSpace Symphony Around Us · 2006
    Planet of Children's Heads


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