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Carlo Angela

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Name  Carlo Angela
Children  Piero Angela
Education  University of Turin
Died  June 3, 1949
Role  Doctor

Carlo Angela The Righteous Among The Nations

Grandchildren  Alberto Angela, Christine Angela
Great grandchildren  Alessandro Angela, Riccardo Angela, Edoardo Angela
People also search for  Piero Angela, Alberto Angela, Margherita Pastore, Christine Angela

Carlo angela un medico stratega venerdi 27 gennaio alle 23 00 su rai2

Carlo Angela (9 January 1875 – 3 June 1949) was an Italian doctor, who has been recognized as a "Righteous Gentile" for his efforts during World War II in saving Jewish lives. He is the father of TV journalist and science writer Piero Angela.


Carlo Angela Allison Misti mistica cattolica CARLO ANGELA padre di Piero

Early life

Carlo Angela Documentario Carlo Angela un medico stratega guida tv scheda

Angela was born in Olcenengo, Province of Vercelli.

Carlo Angela Speciale Scuola Carlo Angela Vercelli VercelliWebTV

He graduated with a degree in medicine in 1899 at the University of Turin. In Paris he attended the Neuropsychiatry courses held by Babinski. During World War I he was an officer of the Italian Red Cross at the "Vittorio Emanuele III" Territorial Hospital of Turin.

Political activity

Carlo Angela Societ per la Cremazione di Torino Profilo Personale

He joined politics after World War I, by joining the Democrazia Sociale movement, a political movement born from the ashes of the Partito Radicale Storico. Within the party there were lots of contradictions: together with left-wing deputies there were others who became ministers in the first government run by Mussolini, formed after the march on Rome. Then Angela left the party and allied with the reformist Socialists led by Ivanoe Bonomi, whom he ran with at the elections of 6 April 1924, without being elected.

Carlo Angela The Righteous Among The Nations

After the murder of Giacomo Matteotti, in June 1924, Carlo Angela openly blamed the fascists from the pages of the weekly paper Tempi Nuovi.

Humanitarian actions

The government's reaction to this article was to set the newspaper's office on fire and Angela fled to San Maurizio Canavese. There, he became health director of the clinic for mental diseases "Villa Turina Amione". It was there that Angela offered a safe haven to numerous antifascists and Jews during the German Occupation and the Repubblica Sociale Italiana, by forging the medical cards to justify their stay inside the clinics. He diagnosed patients incorrectly and changed names or nationalities. In his rescue he was helped by Vice-Director dr. Brun, by sister Tecla and by the nurses Fiore De Stefanis, Carlo and Sante Simionato. As suspected by the fascist police, Mr. Angela was summoned and interrogated in Turin and he also ran the risk of being shot during a retaliation.

After World War II

During the Liberation, Carlo Angela was appointed mayor of San Maurizio Canavese. Afterwards he ran for the first democratic elections after longer than twenty years, in the same list as Norberto Bobbio, Massimo Mila and Ada Gobetti Marchesini.

He also became the President of the Molinette hospital in Turin.

He died in 1949.

Medal of "Righteous among the Nations"

The necessary requirements for a man to be acknowledged as a "Righteous" are three: saving Jews, doing so under the threat of a serious life risk, and never getting any reward for this.

The deeds of Angela remained unknown for more than 25 years because of his family's reserve, and were only revealed in 1995, when Anna Segre decided to publish the diary of her father Renzo, written during the time when he had escaped the extermination camps together with his wife Nella in the clinic "Villa Turina Amione"

Based on the evidence and the testimonies collected and presented to it, on 29 August 2001 an Israeli committee awarded Professor Angela the Medal as a Righteous among the Nations and inserted his name into the Garden of the Righteous at the Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem: the awarding ceremony took place in San Maurizio Canavese on 25 April 2002. The Adviser of the Israeli Embassy in Rome, Tibor Schlosser, in the name of the world's Jewish community as a whole, assigned the award to Sandra and Piero, Carlo Angela's children.

Since 3 June 2000, a street holds the name of Carlo Angela in San Maurizio Canavese and a plaque was put up over entrance of the Town Hall.


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