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Carl Burnett

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Birth name  Carl Burnett
Instruments  Guitar • bass • vocals
Genre  Rock
Music group  Buckshot LeFonque
Occupation(s)  Musician • songwriter
Years active  1985-present
Record label  Warner Bros.
Carl Burnett wwwcarlburnettcomimgLBMjpg
Genres  Funk • jazz • rock • blues
Labels  Telepictures • Warner Brothers
Albums  Life Before Midi, The Happiness of Pursuit, life before midi:naked
Similar  Frank Enea, Kenny Burrell, Rocky Bryant, Branford Marsalis, Reginald Veal

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Carl Burnett is an American jazz musician, funk-guitarist, songwriter, and producer. Though a guitarist, he is credited as the drummer and co-writer of the hit song "The Night Begins To Shine" by B.E.R. (Telepictures). The group's name, 'B.E.R.' is derived from the last names of its members (Carl Burnett, Frank "Franklin" Enea, William J. Regan). The song and group was featured on the popular Cartoon Network cartoon Teen Titans Go!, episode "40% 40% 20%," which was based entirely on the song. In the episode, Cyborg's obsession with his favorite song, an obscure 1980s hit, annoys his fellow Titans (Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven). However, they soon learn that Cyborg's real strength comes not from his robot parts, but from his favorite song. The premiere amassed over 1.53 million viewers. The song peaked at (#4) in the iTunes U.S. Rock Charts. It also charted well in the UK (#68), Mexico (#79), Australia (#25), and Japan (#9).


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Mona LisasBuckshot LeFonque · 1994
Music EvolutionMusic Evolution · 1997
Breakfast @ Denny'sBuckshot LeFonque · 1994


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