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Artist  Jim Reinders
Architect  Jim Reinders
Location  Alliance
Address  2151 Co Rd 59, Alliance, NE 69301, USA
Hours  Closed now Thursday8AM–7PMFriday8AM–7PMSaturday8AM–7PMSunday8AM–7PMMonday8AM–7PMTuesday8AM–7PMWednesday8AM–7PM
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Carhenge for sale nebraska stories

Carhenge is a replica of England's Stonehenge located near the city of Alliance, Nebraska, in the High Plains region of the United States. Instead of being built with large standing stones, as is the case with the original Stonehenge, Carhenge is formed from vintage American automobiles, all covered with gray spray paint. Built by Jim Reinders, it was dedicated at the June 1987 summer solstice. In 2006, a visitor center was constructed to serve the site.


Carhenge nebraska s mysterious monument to american cars


Carhenge consists of 39 automobiles arranged in a circle measuring about 29 meters (95 ft) in diameter. Some are held upright in pits 1.5 meters (4.9 ft) deep, trunk end down, and arches have been formed by welding automobiles atop the supporting models. The heelstone is a 1962 Cadillac. Three cars were buried at Carhenge with a sign stating: "Here lie three bones of foreign cars. They served our purpose while Detroit slept. Now Detroit is awake and America's great!"

Carhenge replicates Stonehenge's current dilapidated state, rather than the original stone circle erected between 2500 BC and 2000 BC.

In addition to the Stonehenge replica, the Carhenge site includes several other artworks created from autos covered with various colors of spray paint.


Carhenge was conceived in 1987 by Jim Reinders as a memorial to his father. While living in England, he studied the structure of Stonehenge, which helped him to copy the structure's shape, proportions, and size. Other automobile sculptures were subsequently added to the location of Carhenge, which is now known as the Car Art Reserve. Carhenge was listed for sale in 2011 for $300,000.

Carhenge is used frequently in popular culture, and makes appearances in film, popular music, television programs and commercials. It is the subject of the 2005 documentary Carhenge: Genius or Junk?, and features in the 2007 travel book 1,000 Places to See in the USA and Canada Before You Die.

Carhenge will be in the path of the Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.


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