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Carex tumulicola

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Cyperaceae
Subgenus  C. subg. Vignea
Rank  Species
Order  Poales
Genus  Carex
Scientific name  Carex tumulicola
Carex tumulicola Carex tumulicola Yerba Buena Nursery Specializing in California
Section  C. sect. Phaestoglochin
Higher classification  Carex sect. Phaestoglochin
Similar  Sedges, Carex pansa, Carex praegracilis, Festuca californica, Carex barbarae

Carex tumulicola, the splitawn sedge foothill sedge, or previously Berkeley sedge, is a sedge member of the Cyperaceae family.


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Carex tumulicola Carex tumulicola under redwoods Groundcovers Pinterest Shades

Carex tumulicola is found in western North America, from British Columbia to California,. It has a height and width of 2 feet (61 cm), and is slowly spreading. It is found in meadows and open woodlands, below 1,200 metres (3,900 ft).


Carex tumulicola Carex tumulicola Berkeley Sedge California Gardens

Carex tumulicola is cultivated in the horticulture trade and widely available as a (grass-like) ornamental grass for: traditional and natural landscape drought-tolerant water-conserving lawns and small 'garden-meadows,' native plant and habitat gardens; and various types of municipal, commercial, and agency sustainable landscape and restoration projects.

Similar species

Carex tumulicola Carex tumulicola

Plants grown in the nursery trade are often mislabeled with botanical and common names of similar appearing Carex spp. - while the subtle distinctions are currently [2010] reclarified-assigned by botanists. For example, one considered the species to be closely related to Carex hookeriana, and others to Carex pansa.

Carex tumulicola Foothill Sedge Splitawn Sedge Carex tumulicola
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Carex tumulicola Carex divulsa Carex tumulicola European Meadow Sedge Berkeley
Carex tumulicola Plants Profile for Carex tumulicola splitawn sedge


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