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Carex firma

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Cyperaceae
Subgenus  C. subg. Carex
Rank  Species
Order  Poales
Genus  Carex
Section  C. sect. Frigidae
Carex firma Suche nach Arten PolsterSegge Carex firma Host
Similar  Carex curvula, Carex ferruginea, Shortleaved sedge, Carex frigida, Carex atrata

Carex firma is a species of sedge that grows in the mountains of southern and central Europe.



Carex firma Carex firma Host

Carex firma forms thick cushions. Its leaves are up to 8 centimetres (3.1 in) long in normal conditions (up to 10 cm or 4 in in moist, sheltered localities), dark green and stiff. The stems are up to 20 cm (7.9 in) tall (exceptionally 30 cm or 12 in), but always at least twice as long as the leaves.


Carex firma 2 Forum Acta Plantarum Indice

In synecology, Carex firma is a characteristic part of the "Caricetum firmae" (also called "Firmetum"), which is an important community in the alpine zone over calcareous rock.

Carex firma can survive temperatures as low as −50 °C (−58 °F).


Carex firma Suche nach Arten PolsterSegge Carex firma Host

Carex firma was first described by Nicolaus Thomas Host in 1797, in his work Synopsis Plantarum in Austria provinciisque adjacentibus sponte crescentium.

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