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Carew baronets

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Name  Carew baronets

Carew baronets

There have been three baronetcies created for persons with the surname Carew, two in the Baronetage of England and one in the Baronetage of Great Britain. One creation is extant as of 2008.


The Carew Baronetcy, of Antony in the County of Cornwall, was created in the Baronetage of England on 9 August 1641 for Richard Carew, Member of Parliament for Cornwall and St Michael's. He was the son of the antiquary Richard Carew. The second Baronet also represented Cornwall in the House of Commons. The third Baronet sat as Member of Parliament for Cornwall, Bodmin, Lostwithiel and Saltash. The fifth Baronet was Member of Parliament for Saltash and Cornwall while the sixth Baronet represented Cornwall. The title became extinct on the death of the eighth Baronet in 1799.

The Carew Baronetcy, of Haccombe in the County of Devon, was created in the Baronetage of England on 2 August 1661 for Thomas Carew, Member of Parliament for Tiverton. The Carews are an ancient Cornwall and Devon family and claim descent (along with the Dukes of Leinster and Earls of Plymouth) from Walter Fitz-Other, Castellan of Windsor in 1078. Charles Carew, grandson of Reverend Thomas Carew, younger son of the sixth Baronet, sat as Member of Parliament for Tiverton. Patrick Henry Curtis Carew (b. 1931), great-grandson of Thomas Carew (1810–1876), third son of the seventh Baronet, is a Brigadier-General in the Royal Canadian Dragoons.

The Carew Baronetcy, of Beddington in the County of Surrey, was created in the Baronetage of Great Britain on 11 January 1715 for Nicholas Carew, Member of Parliament for Haslemere and Surrey. The title became extinct on the death of his son, the second Baronet, in 1762.

Carew baronets, of Antony (1641)

  • Sir Richard Carew, 1st Baronet (c. 1580–1643)
  • Sir Alexander Carew, 2nd Baronet (1609–1644)
  • Sir John Carew, 3rd Baronet (1635–1692)
  • Sir Richard Carew, 4th Baronet (1683–1703)
  • Sir William Carew, 5th Baronet (1690–1744)
  • Sir Coventry Carew, 6th Baronet (c. 1716–1748)
  • Sir John Carew, 7th Baronet (1708–1762)
  • Sir Alexander Carew, 8th Baronet (1715–1799)
  • Carew baronets, of Haccombe (1661)

  • Sir Thomas Carew, 1st Baronet (1632–1673)
  • Sir Henry Carew, 2nd Baronet (c. 1654–1695)
  • Sir Henry Darrell Carew, 3rd Baronet (c. 1687-c. 1707)
  • Sir Thomas Carew, 4th Baronet (c. 1692-c. 1746)
  • Sir John Carew, 5th Baronet (c. 1726-c. 1770)
  • Sir Thomas Carew, 6th Baronet (c. 1755–1805)
  • Sir Henry Carew, 7th Baronet (1779–1830)
  • Sir Walter Palk Carew, 8th Baronet (1807–1874)
  • Sir Henry Palk Carew, 9th Baronet (1870–1934)
  • Sir Thomas Palk Carew, 10th Baronet (1890–1976)
  • Sir Rivers Verain Carew, 11th Baronet (born 1935)
  • The heir apparent to the baronetcy is Gerald De Redvers Carew (born 1975), second but eldest living son of the 11th Baronet.

    Carew baronets, of Beddington (1715)

  • Sir Nicholas Carew, 1st Baronet (1687–1727)
  • Sir Nicholas Hacket Carew, 2nd Baronet (c. 1716 – 1762)
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