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Carabus solieri

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Insecta
Family  Carabidae
Rank  Species
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Coleoptera
Genus  Carabus
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Similar  Carabus hispanus, Carabus rutilans, Carabus catenulatus, Carabus creutzeri, Carabus olympiae

Carabus solieri is a species of beetles belonging to the Carabidae family.



Carabus solieri can reach about 25–40 millimetres (0.98–1.57 in) in length. The body is quite slender, metallic bright green, golden-green or green-coppery. Elytra are broad and robust, violet-red bordered and longitudinal crossed by ribs. This species mainly feeds on snails and it is crepuscular and nocturnal.


This species occurs in France and in Italy, especially in part of the Western Alps and in Apennines. It is present in the beech and chestnut forests with plenty of rotting leaves, at an elevation of about 100–2,500 metres (330–8,200 ft) above sea level.


  • Carabus solieri bonadonai Colas, 1948
  • Carabus solieri bonnetianus Colas, 1936
  • Carabus solieri clairi Géhin, 1885
  • Carabus solieri liguranus Breuning, 1933
  • Carabus solieri solieri Dejean, 1826
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